Wingsuit Proximity Flying

from the same guys who did this

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Picture of s1nn0cence49 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment s1nn0cence 2 years ago

Flying? Really? ..more like angled falling tbh.

Picture of Cloe40 achievements


2. Cloe 2 years ago

#1 this is actulay flying see is called flying when you are in control of steering and speed..which this man is ..... o and one more thing snotr please go HD ..i've seen some really nice videos here who were much better in hd and then i have to go to other sites just to look at the same thing in hd

Picture of Sebastien45 achievements


3. Sebastien 2 years ago

The craziest MoFo is the one filming in the second half!

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


4. Premtm 2 years ago

I wanted to see how they land?.... :(

Picture of Nizar30 achievements


5. Nizar 2 years ago

4:00 Is he actually going up !!! is that possible with a Wingsuit ?!!

Picture of Acquiesce36 achievements


6. Acquiesce 2 years ago

#5 How do birds & other flying animals do to go up too? Its just all about using warm winds which naturaly go up due to their high temperature (=> low density). Its like smoke going up in a fire, warm "air" always goes up.
So if a bird or anything flying, including a Wingsuit, cross a warm mass of air, it'll go up :)

Picture of DrummerBoy94510 achievements


7. DrummerBoy945 2 years ago


Picture of dave919144 achievements


8. dave9191 2 years ago

#4 In additions to catching warm air currents, you have speed which you can trade for height. Angle yourself upwards, you loose some speed, gain some height. Angle downwards, gain speed loose height.

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


10. RandurSource 2 years ago

The wingsuit allows skydivers and BASE jumpers to leap out into the void, spread their arms and soar through the air.

#4 While hang gliders can coast in for a safe landing, wingsuit flyers have to deploy their parachutes and float the rest of the way to the ground -- they simply can't reduce their speed fast enough for a safe landing without the use of a chute.

#5 #6 If you have a flat surface or airfoil, then the net lift can not only slow the rate of decent, but actually move the object upward through the air


Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements


11. captain_obvious 2 years ago

@6 not all about using warm winds. in fact that not even got do anything why the dude went up. the suit provides some lift do to the wind-SPEED. the faster he is going the more lift he gets. but the human body is way to heavy to use hot air to go up. birds are way lighter cause of hollow bones and such. and their wings are lots more effective then a wing suit. technicaly your not flying with a wing-suit. you're falling with some control.

also the camera dude is flying along. maybe he went lower. and its looked like the other one was going up. and due to the fact that the camara is pointing down. they not flying over an horizontal landscape but more like a vertical drop down, falling close to razorsharp clifs.

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


12. Oddi 2 years ago

Insane vid... shame its got ruined by some fag music.