French bulldog vs. Cat


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Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


1. banzemanga 2 years ago

lol. Impressive bully personality from a dog, just like humans. You go after then they start begging for life. :x

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


2. Baboon 2 years ago

00:36 hedgehog doesn't give a shit

Picture of layhoma15 achievements


3. layhoma 2 years ago

Now thats what I call "all bark and no bite"

Picture of chronic39 achievements


4. chronic 2 years ago

Who's the pussy now!!

Picture of Romi29 achievements


5. Romi 2 years ago

He sounds like a pig! :)

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


6. y3lom 2 years ago

do you really have to add 'french' in there? seems a bit like a spoiler :D

Picture of IDK39931 achievements


7. IDK399 2 years ago

That was epic. :D Did the cat take the dogs spot and toys at the end. :x

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


8. sux2bu 2 years ago

No mistaking where that dog is from. That cat made him squeal like a pig.

Picture of KrazieStyle21 achievements


9. KrazieStyle 2 years ago

What a bitch lol >:)

Picture of d-_-b27 achievements


10. d-_-b 2 years ago

hahhahah, 0:43 (while crying like a baby, looks at dog friend asking for help) 0:45 (dog friend leaves) *facepalm* :D

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment irishgek 2 years ago

Why do people insist on keeping animals together that do not get along ??

Picture of MazdaMadsen19 achievements


12. MazdaMadsen 2 years ago

Looks like the dog is trying to get the cat into to playing with it. But since the dog and cat speaks different languages the cat misinterpretes the dog and just attacks.

Cute <3

Picture of dopsy31 achievements


13. dopsy 2 years ago

This should be in Ownage!!! hahaha

Picture of CarcharotH27 achievements


14. CarcharotH 2 years ago

on the cat's wallet it says "Bad Motherfucker"

Picture of BenderBRodriguez22 achievements


15. BenderBRodriguez 2 years ago

French.. No matter if it is a human or a dog, they sure know how to retreat :)

Picture of imagic42 achievements


16. imagic 2 years ago

the title is totally wrong,,, should be : French pussy vs Cat

Picture of paolo34 achievements


17. paolo 2 years ago

cat's rulss :D :D :D :D

Picture of nakama777728 achievements


18. nakama7777 2 years ago

Pussy :D :D :D

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


19. loadrunner 2 years ago

0:37 screams like a pig. omg

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


20. Sizzlik (admin) 2 years ago

#14 lol..i got that wallet..Pulp Fiction FTW =)

Picture of Itrytobefunny11 achievements


21. Itrytobefunny 2 years ago

Pussy will and always be dominant :S

Picture of djoulbadi26 achievements


22. djoulbadi 2 years ago

#6 portuguese dog would have done as well >:)

Picture of Chanes28 achievements


23. Chanes 2 years ago

00:50 Can you hear the ninja? :D

Picture of ThiDubstepLover31 achievements


24. ThiDubstepLover 2 years ago

people,in this video you see a dog transforming in a

Picture of cretia27 achievements


25. cretia 2 years ago

useless dog should take it back and get a refund

Picture of fjwjr43 achievements


26. fjwjr 2 years ago

Yup, French alright.

Picture of ImprsdBySmartVid29 achievements


27. ImprsdBySmartVid 2 years ago

Not all the french are like that pussy dog. But some are in key points of power for the french politics:
- the "Quai d'Orsay", preparing foreign office work, not elected, in lonely love with arabs especially when they are idiotic, i.e. islamist or at least non-democratic. It seems to initiate wrong politics from decades, at least since "De Gaule", whatever people we elect. In exchange with "pro-arab" and anti-american politics, some french leaders may have undercover money, like some british too, known for Saddam Hussein (United Nations Oil-for-Food Program). The last known bribes were in Tunisia before revolution...
- the french national television, where known liars are regularly promoted.
- ....
These non-elected guys are NOT representing France, they are working, knowingly or not, for a very long term end of democracy in France.

Picture of meer8119 achievements


28. meer81 2 years ago

Like a Boss

Picture of BLUEDUDE5429 achievements


29. BLUEDUDE54 2 years ago

Just once I want to see a video of a cat getting the crapped kicked out of him!

Picture of Teenies14 achievements


30. Teenies 2 years ago

what on earth. I had to watch this video twice to work out what was squealing! I've never heard a dog make that sound in my life. Actually hilarious.