Bungee jumper's cord snaps

An Australian tourist had a miraculous escape when her bungee cord snapped during a jump in Zimbabwe.

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Picture of herrkaleun28 achievements


1. herrkaleun 2 years ago

This is the exact reason, why i hate things like that. Yes it may be safe, but IF it goes wrong, it can end very very bad.

Picture of Chrythes26 achievements


2. Chrythes 2 years ago

#1 Yes, like flying or driving the car.
This is why I never leave the house and my walls and corners are all padded.

Picture of joker153535 achievements


3. joker1535 2 years ago

#2 yes we do drive cars or fly but most of the time thats part of life. Jumping from a bridge tied to a rope (what seems to be a very old tied together rope) is not part of daily life. I dont think she will bungee jump again.

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


4. banzemanga 2 years ago

The rope they were using was obviously worn off. Not noticing that is asking for things that will occur to happen.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


5. huldu 2 years ago

What you need to rope for anyway, she survived the fall? Bet she got the thrill of her life that she has been looking for her entire life.

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


6. banzemanga 2 years ago

#5 Without the rope she would be dead. The rope reduced her fall impact but it snapping caused her heavy injuries.

Picture of TYCNBOSS10 achievements


7. TYCNBOSS 2 years ago


Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


8. Sizzlik (admin) 2 years ago

#7 So..did you ever been in zimbabwe? A little racisist..dont you think? just sayin...and your caps is stuck..as in all your recent comments..just sayin again..

Picture of alga18 achievements


9. alga 2 years ago

#8-its a third world country, i think #7 comment wasnt racisist, but in poorer countries safety isnt noumber one priority. And my opinion is the same, why in Zimbabwe? Go and do adrenaline stuff in richer countries and the % of accident is smaller. Just sayin and its a fact.

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


10. Urmensch 2 years ago

Wow! Not only did she have her bungee cord snap, but she fell into crocodile infested water.
That's a story to drink out on for many years to come.

Picture of cretia27 achievements


11. cretia 2 years ago

survived jumping a 400 feet jump ,unable to swim due to bungee cords wrapped around her feet, got tangled up in the rapids,fell down the water fall

Escaped with only bruises ,skipped lunch "the main menu" for the crocodile infested waters .
This girl is beyond lucky

Picture of SupremeNomNom19 achievements


12. SupremeNomNom 2 years ago

This is a reason for why i would never do anything like this.You never know what could happen and no matter how safe someone " claims " to be,there's always that risk something bad might happen.
She is a very lucky woman.And crocodile infected waters? wow extremely lucky.

Picture of makeartnotwar21 achievements


13. makeartnotwar 2 years ago

The editing scared the shit out of me. The silences were intense.

Picture of pougezme14 achievements


14. pougezme 2 years ago

Is not wise to engaged our life to all kind of thriller like that! or use carnaval machine or gun, if not necessarily into your life and others. Comforts and enjoyment can occured to someone you loved. its better to be played your soul to save your friend's death. cause one lost you died suicide, but if one lost one saved or two saved or two died but they had sense.

Picture of MazdaMadsen19 achievements


15. MazdaMadsen 2 years ago

I like the part 0:40 when the girl says: "OMG who's gonna do something".

Picture of ChewableYeti33 achievements


16. ChewableYeti 2 years ago

Ouch. That's got to put you off for the rest of your life.

Picture of TYCNBOSS10 achievements


17. TYCNBOSS 2 years ago


Picture of corampublico18 achievements


18. corampublico 2 years ago

Honestly, i would climb up the hill without ruffle and excitement to those responsible and start kicking their arse till my pains are gone. NO KIDDING!

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


19. cyberdevil 2 years ago

I guess I'm never going bungee jumping now! :D