Most ridiculous workout machine ever?

"If you can sit, you can get fit". Never mind the fact that this Hawaii Chair will make you look fat AND stupid.

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Picture of UAE17 achievements


1. UAE 8 years ago

wtf LOL

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


2. BombDiggady 8 years ago

"Use the computer"?
How? Your typing would be all over the place!
The best free ab work out EVER!!!!
Sit-ups and Held push-ups! :O

Picture of Saturn8 achievements


3. Saturn 8 years ago

It looks like they have to pee. :D

Picture of Aurel29 achievements


4. Aurel 8 years ago

for sure Saturn.... :D :D :D :D

Picture of epica12 achievements


5. epica 8 years ago

yes, I wonder how you can concentrate on something else than getting seasick on that thing.

Picture of Kodeine4 achievements


6. Kodeine 8 years ago


Picture of spamcop18 achievements


7. spamcop 8 years ago


Picture of ilovetrouble7778 achievements


8. ilovetrouble777 8 years ago

The most ridiculous product to have ever hit the market. hahahahahahahahaha. but it was good for a few laughs. the inventor must have had a lot of time to waste upon this one-of-a-kind product.

Picture of Sluggishadj37 achievements


9. Sluggishadj 8 years ago

u gotta be fucking kidding me

Picture of jenarmywife17 achievements


10. jenarmywife 8 years ago

LOL those people are hanging on for dear life! "I can work at my desk while sitting in this fabulous workout... whooooaaaa!"

Picture of Soul_Stealer1 achievements


11. Soul_Stealer 8 years ago

Guaranteed to grind your vertebrae into dust.

Picture of ai_vizitor1 achievements


12. ai_vizitor 8 years ago


Picture of woohzal1 achievements


13. woohzal 8 years ago

Check the chick Erin-lee's legs out, she is fighting to stay stable on that thing lol.

Picture of Bahamaut7 achievements


14. Bahamaut 8 years ago

Only in idiotic america :D

Picture of Borateen2 achievements


15. Borateen 8 years ago

"Hi, don't mind the chair, I want you to take me seriously. So you'd like to open an account today?"

Picture of blindrunk2 achievements


16. blindrunk 8 years ago

Also cures constipation. :O

Picture of janegoodacre1 achievements


17. janegoodacre 8 years ago

how can i save this on my computer lol

Picture of czarnian10 achievements


18. czarnian 8 years ago

I can feel my abs working.....LMFAO....bwaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajajajajaj....

you can use it while using your computer...if you can type on a aircraft carrier inside a tornado.... :D :D :D

Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements


19. ArmlessSoldier 8 years ago

omfg lol and i thought the japanese come up with crazy ideas

Picture of filter38 achievements


20. filter 8 years ago

Whatever everyone. I'm using the Hawaii Chair right now and thnaalsdere's nothiannnnggg wrongg wwwwithhsng mmmmajdyyyyyyyyy thyyyppipngg. I'vvve gottttttt kiiiiiilsllllerr aahbbbbbbbszss.

Picture of Misha9 achievements


21. Misha 7 years ago

I just cannot believe that some people will buy this piece of junk!

Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements


22. ArmlessSoldier 7 years ago

not appropriate for children :( it'll turn every lil girl to a hip grinding whore

Picture of sethg815 achievements


23. sethg81 7 years ago

All the examples look so uncomfortable!

Picture of jok49 achievements


24. jok 6 years ago

at least at one video must be a guy who must says "lol"....he is an retard

Picture of downes35 achievements


25. downes 6 years ago

what is that it is such a crazy chair

Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements


26. InfiniteBoredom 6 years ago

WTF. Like they are just taking the mickey now. I swear this looks like something i saw on another video site. If you catch my drift