The Creepiest Guy In The World

If you think you're weird, check this guy.

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Picture of WorldChampion26 achievements


1. WorldChampion 2 years ago

I'm not even sure what to say here... now wonder aliens choose to stay away.

Picture of eyoda32 achievements


2. eyoda 2 years ago

Well that was a blow...

Picture of paolo34 achievements


3. paolo 2 years ago

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :x

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


4. banzemanga 2 years ago

Well, at least they are not harming others so weird but acceptable.

Picture of DexterEliot31 achievements


5. DexterEliot 2 years ago

This creeps the shit out of me..

Picture of jeffy30 achievements


6. jeffy 2 years ago

That was the weirdest thing i've seen all year , until now . :O

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


7. y3lom 2 years ago

wtf! i mean WTF!!!

Picture of gringo40 achievements


8. gringo 2 years ago

He's obsessed with balloons so much that he wants to become one :O i wonder if he walks out of his house dressed like that?? :(|)

Picture of mowglji38 achievements


9. mowglji 2 years ago

yup he's weired

Picture of Segeer20 achievements


10. Segeer 2 years ago

Wanna nail!!!!!! >:) >:) >:)

Picture of wayomayo35 achievements


11. wayomayo 2 years ago

x2 Number #9 Snotr your losing it....... :P

Picture of orion27 achievements


12. orion 2 years ago

"It's very cosy, it's very relaxing": well yeah, you're actually naked inside a small "room".

He also looks like a cross between Violet Beauregarde and a tarball.

Picture of moese42 achievements


13. moese 2 years ago

1:25 made me laugh!

Picture of cosminb30 achievements


14. cosminb 2 years ago

Claustrophobic much?

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


15. loadrunner 2 years ago

I bet latex blew his mind.

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


16. Oddi 2 years ago

Omfg.. and there are more like him! I could pay to see a vid of all them together doin...well its creepy now im thinkin of it again

Picture of imagic42 achievements


17. imagic 2 years ago

i guess a needle is his nightmare

Picture of prekazi36 achievements


18. prekazi 2 years ago

sick people :S

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


19. Urmensch 2 years ago

Not for me. I don't even like it when the sheets are tucked in tightly on my bed.

Picture of s1nn0cence49 achievements


20. s1nn0cence 2 years ago

bet he farts inside it :D :D

Picture of Jettin4u5 achievements


21. Jettin4u 2 years ago

his fetish + baloon fetish = death

Picture of Dennyboy28 achievements


22. Dennyboy 2 years ago

'kin nutcase!

Picture of Stewie28 achievements


23. Stewie 2 years ago

Is that Mick Jagger ?

Picture of Tehrasha27 achievements


24. Tehrasha 2 years ago

Suddenly makes furries refreshingly normal... doesnt it?

Picture of Davewave36 achievements


25. Davewave 2 years ago

I wish i hear the Fart sound at 3:33... Prrrrrrrr

Picture of sgtstone534 achievements


26. sgtstone5 2 years ago

that boy needs theropy lots of theropy

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


27. sux2bu 2 years ago

Wow his teeth are scary looking. :x English maybe?
He could be just an average guy from across the pond.
(Just kidding,I bet his type makes up less than 25%
of the population).

Picture of cranky40 achievements


28. cranky 2 years ago

That came straight out of

Picture of Tronk29 achievements


29. Tronk 2 years ago

Damn you internet, why whould you let him think he's not that strange?? :S

Picture of txo44 achievements


30. txo 2 years ago

I will continue living like if i had never saw this.

Picture of 287606516 achievements


31. 2876065 2 years ago

Obviously a sexual fetish, so I'm surprised his inflated rubber masturbation technique didn't feature in the clip.

Picture of ringmaster40 achievements


32. ringmaster 2 years ago

#30, the only way to do this is to get an electrical shock that fries your last 4 hours out of your mind!

Picture of fixento231 achievements


33. fixento2 2 years ago

Back to the womb perhaps?

Picture of nakama777728 achievements


34. nakama7777 2 years ago

Music is Paul Simon's - "The Boy In The Bubble" btw ;)

Picture of BrahmaBull32 achievements


35. BrahmaBull 2 years ago

Bring out the gimp

Picture of Pana37 achievements


36. Pana (reviewer) 2 years ago

Justin Bieber's family

Picture of thorargent18 achievements


37. thorargent 2 years ago

#1 Those aliens are probably staying away because the rest of us don't use blow up things this way.

Picture of Flox33 achievements


38. Flox 2 years ago

What about when he has to go to the bathroom? :O

Picture of silly_sy43 achievements


39. silly_sy 2 years ago

i bet he has a blow up doll inside that ball pmsl

Picture of Unknown37 achievements


40. Unknown 2 years ago

Life is great.
Always when you think you have seen it all someone like this comes along.

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


41. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Woah, that is creepy. :O