Working out

Even watching this gives me a weird feeling in my stomach!

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Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


1. LightAng3l 6 years ago

I'm sooooo afraid of heights :O :O :O

Picture of Napper32 achievements


2. Napper 6 years ago

Hooly shite those guys are crazy!

Picture of Sluggishadj35 achievements


3. Sluggishadj 6 years ago

u gotta be fucking kidding me 8-)

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


4. Aliquantulus 6 years ago

Ah.. To be young and drunk again.. >:)

Picture of realbone4 achievements


5. realbone 6 years ago

Thats some crazy stuff.

Picture of coldboy26 achievements


6. coldboy 6 years ago

Boring, why didn't they jump!!!

Picture of Xionbox44 achievements


7. Xionbox (moderator) 6 years ago

En plus ça se passe en France (Areva, Cegetel ... ).

This happen in France.

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


8. BombDiggady 6 years ago

Crazy French ;)
I'm so afraide of heights.
That video was crazy.

(the French are awesome :D )

Picture of Friendlysoul41 achievements


9. Friendlysoul 6 years ago

I dont think they are french... They look Grrek to me, and i should know i am also Greek :P
Also the song they are playing is Greek :P

It a classic greek song, about a "palikari" something like a "tough/brave guy" going on adventures!!!
Perfect song for their situation :P

I know many Greeks who would do that (me included) :P

Picture of rjavc24 achievements


10. rjavc 6 years ago

OMFGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O :O

Picture of Saberhagen657 achievements


11. Saberhagen65 6 years ago

shit man i'll give the respect but at the same time i'd hit atop the head and be like 'WTF mate you gonna bloody kill yourself!!!'

Picture of Noobeater26 achievements


12. Noobeater 6 years ago

Man, my legs are shaking sitting in my chair. Heights suck

Picture of mulberryinfinity4 achievements


13. mulberryinfinity 6 years ago

dude that is crazy!!

Picture of Drakcap2 achievements


14. Drakcap 6 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the song?

Picture of djac5 achievements


15. djac 6 years ago

crazy guys...omg.... :O

Picture of boxdelux13 achievements


16. boxdelux 6 years ago

O:) somebody got an angel looking out for them ..not even a stray bird or strong gust of wind, brave but still insane >:)

Picture of popstatic1 achievements


17. popstatic 6 years ago

Well this takes place @ "la defense" a place close to paris, lots of company "buildings" etc...
However I wonder how those jerks got up there... and They might be really high on crack to play like this.... suckers...

Picture of dickwad2 achievements


18. dickwad 6 years ago

fuck that ! is it really worth risking your life so a few thousand nerds (yes and me) can say "wow dude thats AWESOME !"

Dont think so

I'd shit my pants just going up in the lift (elevator) that high

Picture of Hdizzinyawg4 achievements


19. Hdizzinyawg 6 years ago

That's fucking crazy

Picture of kmodek6 achievements


20. kmodek 6 years ago

Ok, scary heights, but what was the point? :|

Picture of Klaimainpoutsen1 achievements


21. Klaimainpoutsen 6 years ago

I shit me pant over here wow

if enybody is looking for this music just follow the link

Picture of lacquim27 achievements


22. lacquim 6 years ago

In the USA we've got a song to that melody called Yankee Doodle. As for what language that was, I'll bow to someone else's superior knowledge. Those guys are pretty crazy. The scarrier thing is that I don't think they were drunk; if they had been, how would they have climbed to the top in the first place without having fallen?

Picture of Izverg27 achievements


23. Izverg 6 years ago

That's why i have to learn to make pull ups ;)

Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements


24. LiquiDnB 5 years ago

If someone hung you out there, I think you would learn to do pull ups with your pants full of sh*t... :)