X3 Eurocopter

God of helicopters

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Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements


1. gouranga4ever 2 years ago

I'd still rather have Airwolf..

Picture of Kaworu33 achievements


2. Kaworu 2 years ago

#1 Ahhh I see what ya did there! >:)

Picture of imagic42 achievements


3. imagic 2 years ago

#1 first thing which came to mind indeed :)

Picture of BiMezo31 achievements


4. BiMezo 2 years ago

It's rotorcraft, not helicopter.

#1 Ah, I remember this one... :)

Picture of Cavabardus40 achievements


5. Cavabardus 2 years ago

430 km/h (260mph) for an helicopter is not bad...
But its look... :(

Picture of Pepperoni3944 achievements


6. Pepperoni39 2 years ago

Very, very impressive! Forget Airwolf^^

Picture of huldu30 achievements


7. huldu 2 years ago

Still pretty much the same, seen those "wings" before actually, a lot longer ago even.

Would be nice to see some groundbreaking flight designs... designs of the FUTURE! muhahaha

Picture of orion27 achievements


8. orion 2 years ago

Doesn't need long wings like airplane, has vertical takeoff and landing and high horizontal speed, it's the best of both worlds. Why isn't this more common? It's perfect for individual transportation (aka, the flying car).

Picture of Stewie28 achievements


9. Stewie 2 years ago

The pilot and passengers will need to be careful when getting in and out of this beast the propellors look dangerously close to the doors.

Picture of Mikey32029 achievements


10. Mikey320 2 years ago

Ya this is a nice invention its speed would be great for rescue helicopters but i don't think they could use it for that because the propellers are really close the the doors... but still a great step forward, maybe take a look back at the drawing board!

Picture of Sramos34 achievements


11. Sramos 2 years ago

ok,sooo..what is this good for? it couuld be medicopter because its speed but its really big, landing on the highway would not be easy... another awesome but useles machine, am i wrong?

Picture of ringmaster40 achievements


12. ringmaster 2 years ago

Good to see this engine in action, but I expect more numbers etcetera in a documentary, we see what it does, not why nor how. Still impressive.

Picture of backy21 achievements


13. backy 2 years ago

And what if, one of the 3 engine fails? To me, it looks more lake airplane then helicopter. I didn't see the vertical airborne or hovering. Sorry if my English is bad.

Picture of marx001230 achievements


14. marx0012 2 years ago

we who still remember airwolf, must be realy old...... wich makes me old too.

Picture of Tehrasha27 achievements


15. Tehrasha 2 years ago

#13, You see it hovering at the very beginning of the video. And it only has two engines. The props on the wingstubs and the main rotor are all driven by a pair of turbo-shaft engines. If one should fail, the 2nd has enough power to keep it from just falling out of the sky.

#12 Yeah, not so much a documentary as a corporate commercial.

#10, #11, It is a prototype, proof of concept model to find ways to solve the problems that happen to helicopter rotors at high speed.

Picture of Namron724 achievements


16. Namron7 2 years ago

Make the wings a bit bigger and put some flaps n ailerons on then and give it a rudder you could probably do away with the top rotor altogether >:)

Picture of Heun24 achievements


17. Heun 2 years ago

Reminds me of the Lockheed AH-56 in the 70's, one of the first helicopters to use a propulsive propeller.More ugly though, and nowhere near as good as airwolf #1 :)

Picture of SupremeNomNom19 achievements


18. SupremeNomNom 2 years ago

Airwolf was THE helicopter lol takes me back and as a matter of fact,im going to pull a few ep's of that right now =]

Picture of kevinloveland12 achievements


19. kevinloveland 2 years ago

where is the gunpoweder ? >:)

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


20. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Looks more like a plane than a chopper. :P It's a hybrid.