Tough Granny Takes a Hit

A jaywalking granny gets hit by an oncoming car, but amazingly bounces right up.

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Picture of Nifen34 achievements


1. Nifen 2 years ago

She could have internal bleeding or anything. I would be calling an ambulance right about now.

Picture of vanova19 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment vanova 2 years ago

what a stupid driver! at least call an ambulance she might be suffering from internal bleeding or some broken bones

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


3. FatHorse 2 years ago

Idiotic driver #2 ??! That idiotic woman walked in front of the cars! Just because you don't see it doesn't mean he didn't call an ambulance...! He might just go back to his car to get his phone and/or park the car to get off the road... Don't forget he's probably in shock after almost killing someone...

Speaking of being in shock, funny that with all the adrenaline pumping and messing with her mind, she rushes to pickup her groceries after she almost died... ;)

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


4. Burimi 2 years ago

He didn't help her at all (what I saw from this video) not even to pick up the goods, he didn't touch her except of course the great touch with his car where he was listening the stupid music and driving like crazy. I feel sorry about these people that get hurt and don't react. But again the people mus be more careful when crossing the streets.

#3 maybe she spent all her money in buying the goods that's why she went to pick them up.

Picture of j000z1132 achievements


5. j000z11 2 years ago

@#2, do you hear the dude BRAKE the moment he saw the lady start walking in front of her... Nothing much can be done but ran it into some wall. This is the case where someone stupid cause you trouble and you are the one to blame? I think its unfair.

Picture of Woette25 achievements


6. Woette 2 years ago

ABS is a bless.

The driver wasnt paying attention to the road ahead. When he noticed the old lady, he panicked and slammed on the brakes. They locked up and he just skidded towards her.
If he had controlled his braking better (or had ABS), he probably could have stopped before hitting her or even perform an evasive manoeuvre.

The lady is still at fault though, not the best place to cross a busy road...

#1: yes an ambulance would have been the right option, she just got up purely on adrenaline and fear.

Picture of b0b-26 achievements


7. b0b- 2 years ago

Even if the woman is idiotic, a good driver would ve not lock his tires and could ve either stop before hitting her or eventually dodge her on the side.

Picture of HellsVacancy38 achievements


8. HellsVacancy 2 years ago

Somebody should employ her as a stunt double

Picture of vanova19 achievements


9. vanova 2 years ago

#2 #3 i still think he is stupid driver! driving through a populated area with such a motorway speed!
his hand in a pocket his main concern was his car! he gave a quick glance to his car to check if she caused any damage to it!
...what might happend next, is just speculations

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


10. loadrunner 2 years ago

he was driving pretty fast, for inside city

Picture of sealand22 achievements


11. sealand 2 years ago

#3 I've been hit by a car and yes you do the strangest of things just after if your still concious. I got my puncture repair kit out and apparently tried to fix the puncture on my mangled back tyre. I was kneeling on my smashed up knees and then stood up and walked on a broken ankle. Adrenaline, best damn drug ever!

Picture of zsombeeee15 achievements


12. zsombeeee 2 years ago

0.09 must be hurt for the neck :/:/ >:) 8-)

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


13. sux2bu 2 years ago

Don't they have ABS on cars in that country? I guess they feel having dash-mounted cameras makes for more sense.
The lack of emotion or help from the driver is disturbing though, and I guess Vodka might have been the reason the woman jumped right up to fetch her things. She will feel it later.

Picture of loadme32 achievements


14. loadme 2 years ago

come on, how fast was that driver going. here you would have lost your licence in a snap

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


15. Sizzlik (admin) 2 years ago

#12 What got ABS to do with this? With ABS you break/slow down slower but arent blocking so you cant slip&slide (hence the name ABS - Anti Blocking System)..he still would run her over

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


16. sux2bu 2 years ago

#15 ABS is Anti-lock Breaking System which slows the vehicle down faster by pulsing the brakes thus avoiding tire skid that will increase stopping distance. You can hear the car tires screeching on the road since the brakes are locked-up. He might have stopped in time or at least have hit her with less force with ABS.

Picture of Skillerns23 achievements


17. Skillerns 2 years ago

It says Motorcycle, but there is more scooters that crashes...

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


18. cyberdevil 2 years ago

She doesn't look like a granny to me. :|