Why SOPA is a bad idea

Good summary of the idiocracy that arround SOPA

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Picture of marx001230 achievements


2. marx0012 2 years ago

viva la revolution! let's crush the a-holes that spoil our fun to use the internet as we see fit. And by that i mean the music and movie industry........

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


3. loadrunner 2 years ago

Where is the line.

I wonder if they arrest me (somewhere in the next ten years) If I'm behind a piano in a public bar, and play "Candle in? the wind".

Because the sound would a copy of the original. Do? they remove the piano, or do they forbid me to play the piano?

Picture of Arcagully29 achievements


4. Arcagully 2 years ago

America need a strong third political party (at least third) that is not corrupted like these 2 present.. It is not democratic to have only two parties and which non of them represent true voice of people..

Picture of aliennuteteme33 achievements


5. aliennuteteme 2 years ago

once again... europe has ACTA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=citzRjwk-sQ

Picture of heyhey31 achievements


6. heyhey 2 years ago

..check Harvard's professor on how he explains that "they" want to shut down technology..:


Picture of sitaauk47 achievements


7. sitaauk 2 years ago

is it legal to look like bald Tom Hanks?... any copyright issues there?

Picture of huldu30 achievements


8. huldu 2 years ago

The media industry has way too much power over the government. It's all about money. They will succeed eventually. Internet will never be the same again. SOPA/PIPA failed but they got something far worse in mind.

Yeah, the guy sure reminds a lot of Tom Hanks.

Picture of gazh40 achievements


9. gazh 2 years ago

Thumbs if you also checked to see if actually works :D

Picture of tsar91129 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment tsar911 2 years ago

#3 - No you wont be stopped from singing in a bar - but if you are selling bootlegged copies of the original for your own profit then you will be stopped.

#5 - In the video you linked, it says that 'can you imagine generic drugs to be banned?' - Thats a stupid comment. Drugs become generic after their patents are expired and its legal to copy them. They remain uncopyable for the time that is decided by the courts in which they can recoup the resoruces spent on the effort spent to bring the innovation. That's how things work in real life.

The guy in this TED talk is plain talking nonsense. No game console was broken by their manufacturers and even if it did, buy an extended warranty plan for god's sake. PIPA / SOPA were never designed to stop a person sharing files on usb or through msn or skype - they were designed for thepiratebay or megaupload who earn money out of something that they never contributed to innovate.No one is against TPB or MU if you share your own song there.

Lastly, I don't understand why does everyone keep regurgitating about the big corporates being bad - why doesn't everybody speak to their favourite musicians like the lady gaga or metallica etc. to stop signing contracts with the music industry and upload their new music for free on youtube etc. If these musicians so much like to share then why dont they upload for free like radiohead did their own website a while back? Why sign a contract to make money and then cry about your rights later? I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong; I love a free lunch as much as any other person. Infact I download and fileshare as well. But I juts can't stand the lies people are telling against PIPA / SOPA. I just cant understand how does the filesharing community not get it that in order to make lets say The Dark Knight, it has to be profitable or it wont exist. So if nobody wants to pay for it then how then it wont get made. Simple as that.

Can someone please tell me how I'm wrong?

Picture of smodd23 achievements


11. smodd 2 years ago

Hi ppl there´s also an application for android called Boycott SOPA that when you go the your supermarket just take out your phone and the application tells you if the rpoduct your buying belong to companies supporting SOPA in order to avoid buying their products by reading the bar code info...

Plz support them and if you install this plz put a list with all the products you find so the rest know too what companies are messing with our rights¡¡¡
You mess with MY RIGHTS You mess with My Wallet¡¡¡

Picture of WildMonkey31 achievements


12. WildMonkey 2 years ago

The problem is that old media providers still want to use the models of 100 years ago!!! THAT IS INSANE!!! Think about it, the movies have been as they are (in essence) the same damn experience from a century ago. The TV model from 60 years ago!

They just don't want to adapt to the new world, they're so full of themselves that they want to change the world back to their antiquated business model.

Steam is a good example of how you have to give consumers a better service than the pirates to thrive and that's what they were shooting for.

Picture of Tehnol32 achievements


13. Tehnol 2 years ago

#12 you are absolutely right, but almost exactly the same can be said about the car industry; Cars are (in essence) exactly the same as they were 100 years ago. Sure they may look different but there's still an internal combustion engine, front seats, steering wheel, bonnet, fenders, boot etc etc.

On another note, if SOPA and PIPA come into effect which I sincerely hope they don't, surely sites like youtube will still be active with content people have created themselves? I mean filmed themselves, even created their own music. So all we have to do is completely boycott everything to do with the companies that support the ridiculous laws like #10 said. If that means never watching another movie than so be it. Don't let them think we will just go back to the way it was last century.

Picture of fulmar25 achievements


14. fulmar 2 years ago

If Alex Jones or David Icke denounce SOPA... they are indoctrinating and crazy.

If TED does, people are like "yeah, durr, they make sense"..

Listen to infowars, instead of CNN, or ITN, then ud have already known this 6 months ago.

Picture of ppiot7414 achievements


15. ppiot74 2 years ago

Join the movment AVAAZ and stop'em: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/eu_save_the_internet_spread/?slideshow

Picture of h8isgr828 achievements


16. h8isgr8 2 years ago

#14 Alex Jones is indoctrinating and crazy regardless of the topic.

Picture of binarybill19 achievements


17. binarybill 2 years ago

#10. Did you actually listen to what he said, or did you just read the title? I think you should play it through again, and pay attention this time. :|

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


18. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Wise words. :) Thankfully SOPA was stopped, but the war is far from over!