Perpetual motion machines


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Picture of thejackel35 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment thejackel 2 years ago

someone has to say it

fake! :D

Picture of tsar91129 achievements


2. tsar911 2 years ago

Perpetual motion is against the laws of physics. Closest thing ever achieved is superconductors but they need 'work' done in order to keep them at very low temperature.


Picture of GerardF129 achievements


3. GerardF1 2 years ago

Worse than fake .. Fraud passing itself as Science

Picture of lyleoz24 achievements


4. lyleoz 2 years ago

Some nice magic tricks

Picture of master_shake35 achievements


5. master_shake 2 years ago

So I play along and look up the link (in the description) and even that disproves this. If he actually had perpetual motion he would be rich to say the least.

Picture of Paul196825 achievements


6. Paul1968 2 years ago

so simple yet so interesting.
maybe i'll make some of these for features at home :*

Picture of huldu30 achievements


7. huldu 2 years ago

Not in our galaxy.

Picture of desertstorm24 achievements


8. desertstorm 2 years ago

Actually, all of these are extremely useful things, as they challenge us to study physics to really understand, WHY they are impossible. :)

Picture of BenderBRodriguez22 achievements


9. BenderBRodriguez 2 years ago

Never underestimate fossil fuels lobby, there were many inventions that would make oil look like a legacy crap but people behind the oil are rich and can afford to make threats and control governments so it's even easier to threaten or kill some puny inventors...

Picture of moese42 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment moese 2 years ago

to the fake-sayers: these "machines" actually work as long as gravity is present - but they would NOT work in a closed system (zero gravity vacuum)!

Picture of desertstorm24 achievements


11. desertstorm 2 years ago

#10 We have a problem here, dear Sir, because Boyl's self-flowing flasks and shifting-weight overbalanced wheels DO NOT WORK in ANY circumstances, regardless of the presence or absence of gravity, atmospheric pressure, etc. Go read Wikipedia or something... :D

P.S. Just to enlighten you more on the marvels of physics: You can't find a place in the observable universe, where gravitational force equals zero, as, according to the current theory of physics, it has infinite range. :D

Picture of moese42 achievements


12. moese 2 years ago

#11 you are right. I should have read the wikipedia article I've posted -_-

Picture of Natan_el_Tigre43 achievements


13. Natan_el_Tigre 2 years ago

#6 Be careful not to trip on the power chord(s).

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


14. loadrunner 2 years ago

And if you made one, it never returns the energy it took to create it, and it needs energy to get it in motion. But if you have one and it keeps in motion, and it uses all energy it creates, you have some awesome desktop toy.

Picture of beerholder29 achievements


15. beerholder 2 years ago

#8 we know why they are impossible. thermodynamics.

Picture of binarybill19 achievements


16. binarybill 2 years ago

Yup. true perpetual motion is impossible, but do you want to know the nearest thing to perpetual motion that we are all closely associated with? Well.... you're standing on it! Earth! For approximately 4.5 billion years this planet has been going around and around and around the sun, and spinning on its own axis. And it doesn't look as if it's gonna stop any day soon. :)

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


17. ughlah 2 years ago

Guess what, as long as you put energy into the system it'll run. The sun, earth, your car, or those obscure "perpetuals". If you stop giving them additional energy they'll slow down.

By the way, days are getting longer on earth - the 40 hour day is coming. Just will take quite a while...

Picture of binarybill19 achievements


18. binarybill 2 years ago

#17. Good point. It's estimated that the Earth's rotation is slowing by about 1.4 milliseconds per solar day per century. Now, trace that back to when the planet was first formed, and you'll see that back then, the length of an Earth day/night rotation cycle was only about 6.5 hours!

Picture of snus6911 achievements


19. snus69 2 years ago

at 5:04 you can see how the central wheel suddenly starts to rotate on it's own this model is fake for sure

Picture of kozy22 achievements


20. kozy 2 years ago

these machines would never start working if there wasn't humans hand giving them starting kinetic energy. and gravity ofc.

Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements


21. CrazyEddie 2 years ago

Always remember friction, 'cos it'll remember you.

Picture of binarybill19 achievements


22. binarybill 2 years ago

#22. Remember. The truth is often stranger than friction.

Picture of Jugernux12 achievements


23. Jugernux 2 years ago

It’s a good thing the laws of physics have never been wrong or had to be rewritten throughout the history of man. Just ask the Wright Brothers. Also it’s not like any government would keep this information from us. They only make about 55 cents for every gallon sold in this country. So they would not have any invested interest to keep this information hidden. Come on who do you think runs this country the oil companies? We can trust the government, Right? ;)

Picture of dvandok26 achievements


24. dvandok 2 years ago

#16: the earth is essentially an enormous flywheel. But it, too, will eventually stop under the influence of tidal motion ( It already stopped the moon.

All the examples in the film are typical 'classical' Newtonian physics. At that scale, all things must come to an end. But in quantum physics, nothing ever stops.

By some argument our entire universe came from...essentially nothing: (A Universe from Nothing).

Picture of mailher23 achievements


25. Comment rated too low. Show this comment mailher 2 years ago


Picture of binarybill19 achievements


26. binarybill 2 years ago

#24. In the beginning there was nothing.
Then it exploded! :D

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


27. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Cool machines. I appreciate the gravity of their situation. :P

Picture of fizo25 achievements


28. fizo 1 year ago

This is nice but they will stop eventually :)