Heart stop beating

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By criteria doctors conventionally use to analyze patients, Craig Lewis was dead. He had no heartbeat, no pulse, his EKG was flatlined. Yet he left the hospital and returned home to his wife.

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Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


1. TitvsCaivs 2 years ago

comment too short

Picture of fjwjr42 achievements


2. fjwjr 2 years ago

#1 Exactly. Way too short. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Like rejection, quality of life and so on.

Picture of knight39 achievements


3. knight 2 years ago

First step to a cyborg "The Six Million Dollar man"

Picture of Jerry_Fkn_Maguir42 achievements


4. Jerry_Fkn_Maguir 2 years ago

What happens when they run? There's no increase in heart rate?

Picture of Ritty541 achievements


5. Ritty5 2 years ago

#4 The measurement would have to change from BPM to litres per second. So for it to truly work it would have to be variable.

Picture of melames11 achievements


6. melames 2 years ago

My good Sr you have no heart

Picture of kozy22 achievements


7. kozy 2 years ago

This is huge, however his heart will never increase heartbeat when he sees nice woman anymore.

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


8. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Amazing. Really amazing. I wonder how long he'll live.

Picture of fardelian15 achievements


9. fardelian 2 years ago

One step closer to the zombie apocalypse.

Picture of bonzenbrunzer29 achievements


10. bonzenbrunzer 2 years ago

hahaha #9, can't wait... zombie slayer time.... :D

Picture of Ash-BG33 achievements


11. Ash-BG 2 years ago

"Human physiolgy can be supported without a pulse" That's what he said, right? Just Wow!

Picture of huldu30 achievements


12. huldu 2 years ago

The problem with current technology is that it requires a battery. These are not small. The heart is just a muscle so of course a mechanic heart can do the same. I thought they had been doing this for far longer tho. One organ that is very hard if not impossible to replace right now is the brain. What mankind needs is a way to copy a brain onto another format or into a host brain. It's just a matter of time. ** When that happens humans will live on forever in one way or another. **

Picture of sgtstone534 achievements


13. sgtstone5 2 years ago

i need a new pecker

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


14. CrackrJak 2 years ago

Craig Lewis, a 55-year-old Texas man, lived for five weeks without a pulse. He died due to underlying disease.


Picture of xiaobert27 achievements


15. xiaobert 2 years ago

Kenny G. has one in his lungs!

Picture of MajorIdea44 achievements


16. MajorIdea 2 years ago

Imagine being in an accident and being unconscious. He may be declared dead and buried or cremated alive! Yikers

Picture of Namron724 achievements


17. Namron7 2 years ago

Awesome!! Hang on; that's probably how vampires have been doing it for years. No heartbeat but still walking the earth!!!

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


18. sux2bu 2 years ago

Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked,
'How old was your husband?'
'98,' she replied, 'One year older than me'
'So you're 97,' the undertaker commented.
She smiled and responded , 'Hardly worth going home, is it?

Picture of ICdevil32 achievements


19. ICdevil 2 years ago

The title shouldve been,"a man without a heart"

Picture of Veyron_pk23 achievements


20. Veyron_pk 2 years ago

#4 & #7 Has buttons for different profiles (Comfort Mode ,Sport Mode ,Track Mode and Race ...then "CRANK"-Statham mode :D )

Picture of kissmybackbone34 achievements


22. kissmybackbone 2 years ago

lots of comments about something nobody knows anything about so here is what it's all about with lots of answers to questions and opinions; enjoy !


Picture of medicino30 achievements


23. medicino 2 years ago

Well actually with this kind of device you don't need a pulse, since it provides constant pressure and blood flow and does not need to rest between beats which are the two main reason why we have heart beats, which BTW are nothing but one of the criteria to tell someone is dead more important is brain wave activity before hear beats and breathing. 8-) 8-)