So papa, how do you like the iPad we got you?

No need to understand the language to get it.

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Picture of Ravez33 achievements


1. Ravez 4 years ago

Good example of how technology evolves faster than the minds of our elder people. I wonder how, us Snotr's, will perceive technology in 30-50 years from now, given our current understanding of it's development.

Picture of herrKarlsson13 achievements


2. herrKarlsson 4 years ago

Maybe it's possible to use it as toiletpaper too? :)

Picture of 21034 achievements


3. 210 4 years ago

I think this is an applicasion!!!! >:)

Picture of fulmar25 achievements


4. fulmar 4 years ago

#3 I think this is the only application lol

Picture of konzoon26 achievements


5. konzoon 4 years ago

#4 It also has a good coaster app and an app that makes technology-challenged people jealous.

Picture of Burimi53 achievements


6. Burimi 4 years ago

Apple is makin a new version of iPad with a knife - iCut

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


7. cyberdevil 4 years ago

Also perfect for cutting apples on. :P Great commercial!

Picture of bisteinee28 achievements


8. bisteinee 4 years ago

She: "Hey Dad, I didn't ask you yet, but how do you like the new IPad we gave you yesterday as a birthday present?"
He: "I like."
She: "You cool with handling the apps?"
He: "Hm…? What apps? Could you step aside, please?"
He: "What?"

Picture of darkzangel30 achievements


9. darkzangel 4 years ago

He definitely forgot to read the manual!

Picture of paolo34 achievements


10. paolo 4 years ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha , good one!!! (i) (i) (i) :x >:)

Picture of andreas081638 achievements


11. andreas0816 4 years ago

#1 it is from a german comedy show, so it shows nothing but some humour.....

Picture of Guss44 achievements


12. Guss 4 years ago

That's remind me this on :D

Picture of ihateregistering26 achievements


13. ihateregistering 4 years ago

wtf, why do my comments get removed?

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


14. Premtm 4 years ago

#8 thanks for the translation, it helped..... :)

Picture of sux2bu66 achievements


15. sux2bu 4 years ago

I've heard that Apple has scrapped their plans for a new
children's-oriented iPod after realizing "iTouch Kids" is not a good product name.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


16. moskwiz 4 years ago

Oh man, PC people would have a field day with this =D

Picture of Mobydkmvs0 achievements


17. Mobydkmvs 4 years ago

Another old person pulling a technology related dick move! Moby's shared your video with the dick move nation, congrats!

Picture of twin22sister1 achievements


18. twin22sister 4 years ago

Obviously, if all else fails,read the directions. If you are capable of making fun of someone who was not handed computers to use in school, and you didn't have to pay form them. You were taught because it was required of you, not because it came to you as a toy. In time,you will be the one who is learning a new device, and you will be in the same spot this man is. I wonder how you will be. Huh. My guess is, your children know more than you.

Picture of ne5o2 achievements


19. ne5o 4 years ago

My dad is 92 and uses his iPad often (and for the purposes intended by the manufacturer)!

Picture of davisnet1 achievements


20. davisnet 4 years ago

A great example of how little use these devices are to most people. They got along without an iPad just fine for decades. Why would they suddenly need one now? People like this guy should be applauded for not requiring to be "plugged in" at all times. He has learned to live life without needing all those money pit gadgets and is probably much happier in life because of it. Most people who consider themselves technologically savvy are actually creatively challenged because they lack the ability to entertain themselves without the use of flashy and colorful pixels to create their day for them. You can never experience something by reading about it online.

Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements


21. Sizzlik (admin) 4 years ago

#20 you realize that its a joke from a tv show? My uncle with almost 60 year of age uses such gadgets..and enjoys the tech of today. (and you said a bit about yourself too with your comment)
Why so serious? the joker would say.

Picture of Bowitch2 achievements


22. Bowitch 4 years ago

And I was using it as a cookie cutter board.........

Picture of Tink11 achievements


23. Tink 4 years ago

OMG, so funny ;))

Picture of tenfour1 achievements


24. tenfour 4 years ago

So,what's the joke????

Picture of Evchen2 achievements


25. Evchen 4 years ago

This is a very good vidio. I loved it...

Picture of Danimo2 achievements


26. Danimo 4 years ago

#20 Wait, aren't you on some inane video site on the internet using flashy and colorful pixels to entertain yourself because you lack the ability to create your day without them? The computer you're on is no different than any of the money pit gadgets you're so offended that other people use.

Picture of littleart2 achievements


27. littleart 4 years ago

This was great I like how she became speechless when she noticed what he was using the I-Pad for.

Picture of PlayOneForMyBaby1 achievements


28. PlayOneForMyBaby 4 years ago

:( I resemble this remark.

"1. Ravez 106 days ago

Good example of how technology evolves faster than the minds of our elder people. I wonder how, us Snotr's, will perceive technology in 30-50 years from now, given our current understanding of it's development."

I will be more than happy to stack my toys up against yours, both now and in the distant future, when you get to be my age (assuming you ever get to be my age after making such asinine statements as this one). I will also test my general knowledge against yours any day of the week, including weekends.

Picture of sartre32 achievements


29. sartre 4 years ago

Should have gone to Specsavers...

Picture of alih3 achievements


30. alih 4 years ago

Shame some idiots use this funny video as a way to make inane and stereotyped comments about people older than them. FYI this link was texted to me by my 85 year old father.

Picture of doms84861 achievements


31. doms8486 4 years ago

Scratch proof and Waterproof.

Picture of jkxn65292 achievements


32. jkxn6529 4 years ago

Thats my DAD!!!!! :D lol

Picture of LongDong1 achievements


33. LongDong 4 years ago

That is a great use for an Apple Product ! Droid Wins hands Down

Picture of annsharon1 achievements


34. annsharon 4 years ago

I am a "mature" adult and needed help to learn to use a cell phone and thought this was really funny...simply because I could identify. Granted I would know enough to recognize it as a tech toy and set it aside to ask a grandchild to help me but the clip sure does resonate with the frustration my generation often feels with new technology. Laughed out loud. Funny!

Picture of talmadine4 achievements


35. talmadine 4 years ago

Absolutely hysterical - no I don't understand German but I sure understand the video! I am on my second iPad and almost died watching this!

Picture of MaouTsaou2 achievements


36. MaouTsaou 4 years ago

I wonder if this will seem so funny four or five years from now? I can make more for old imac's by gutting them and making fishtanks than I could get leaving them running. I've got a booting macintosh that's probably going the same way. In about 5 years this will probably be the most effective use for an ipad. Corning glass has an investor presentation on You Tube called 'A Day Made of Glass'. These content viewers aren't gonna be the bricks they currently are too much longer. Google's coming with the "glasses" already. And notice that even in the slick Corning production the content is being viewed and shared but not produced. Nobody is making their ipad app on an ipad. Maybe the father knew all along what it was supposed to be for and still chose to use it that way. I quit bothering to learn phones years ago. No point when your likely to end up with something very different in a year or so.

Picture of jo561 achievements


37. jo56 4 years ago

Single largest waste of money I have ever spent!

Picture of TheCat2 achievements


38. TheCat 4 years ago

I found the humor in this immediately, recognizing this as a spoof. I think humor is lost on the younger generation to a large degree.

It is just a matter of what you do for a living and how curious a soul you are. When I was born, there were no color TV's yet, however at age 65, I have been using computers on a daily basis since 1971; 41 years (probably longer than most of you have been alive). From IBM mainframes, to PC's to my favorite “The very smart Phone" small and does everything! And I love my 6’ X 6’ X 1 inch thick TV that hangs on the wall that I have been talking about wanting all my life.

Picture of cap1 achievements


39. cap 4 years ago

I wash it all the time, and my iPad works better for it--and with no finger prints! Apple products simply can't be beat. And my freshly washed iPad brought top dollar when I sold it and picked up a 2nd iPod. (An iPod is a better camera, it fits in my shirt pocket while I'm tread-milling while listening to music, and I don't mistake it for a cutting board!)

Regarding the previous comment--maybe it's because I'm older (there weren't even black and white TVs when I was born)--but where's the humor? The guy was either routinely washing his iPad, or he's a movie-maker who confused his editing screen with a kitchen cutting board. There's an app with a GPS sensitizer and SIRI activater that says:"I'm an iPad, not a cutting board, you idiot!" But I would never install an app that: 1.stopped me from cleaning my iPad, even by accident; 2. insulted my intelligence; 3. cost me 99 cents.

Picture of RobinClay1 achievements


40. RobinClay 4 years ago

I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law last night when I asked if I
could borrow a newspaper.

'This is the 21st century, Dad, old man,' he said. ‘We don't waste
money on newspapers. Here, you can borrow my iPod.'

I can tell you, that bloody fly never knew what hit it...........

Picture of Idefix1 achievements


41. Idefix 4 years ago

It's not a commercial. It's a sketch from a comedy sketch show.

Picture of Cypripedium1 achievements


42. Cypripedium 4 years ago

#43 1250EDT :) Enjoyed all the comments as much as the video...
and we wonder why there are communication problems
in the world!!! Everyone has his or her own take on a situation.
As the new owner of an iPad, I loved the humor...

Picture of bradadad2 achievements


43. bradadad 4 years ago

It's not comedy, this is from a typical day in IT Support. Comedy would be if they exaggerated.

Picture of stm1 achievements


44. stm 4 years ago

hahaha sehr komisch so viel für die Technik! :-))

Picture of JeffreyVan1 achievements


45. JeffreyVan 4 years ago

Typical high-tech story. Bravo to the old man for NOT knowing what an iPad is. I am a prolific genius inventor (you probably use some of my devices everyday and don't even know I invented them) and my direct experience with most high-tech techies is that they cannot even fix their own malfunctioning toilets. They are all just a lot of virtual reality fluff-and-puff.

Picture of Jasmine1 achievements


46. Jasmine 4 years ago

The vegetables he's chopping will help him live a longer and healthier live, that iPad will not!

This video is funny but the joke is on the rest of us; the ones who can't let go of their personal electronic devices and in the meantime our life is going down the drain.

Picture of Bruiser1 achievements


47. Bruiser 4 years ago

This must be the video of the prototype, tested in Germany known for their "Deutsche grundlichkeit".

Picture of anoldguy631 achievements


48. anoldguy63 4 years ago

Hi! Vince here, this is the new iChop! Call now because we can't do this all day!!

Picture of CharlieDanger11 achievements


49. CharlieDanger 4 years ago

HAHA! That made me happy. >:)

Picture of kevinedwardbrown1 achievements


50. kevinedwardbrown 4 years ago

My kids will just love this
But i have not done this before

Picture of PatKittle1 achievements


51. PatKittle 4 years ago

Throughout most of the past that would have made sense.

Throughout most of the future it will too.

Picture of Killerado29 achievements


52. Killerado 4 years ago

Is there a better use for it?

Picture of annyisme1 achievements


53. annyisme 4 years ago

Well that's what I want to do with it at times as it want let me do some of the thinks I was told it would do

Picture of mrdfleming571 achievements


54. mrdfleming57 4 years ago

I dont use a laptop cooler, 'cause my morning cup of coffee does good sittin' on it !!

You know, with all the constant upgrading, getting computers for free and trying to make tem work, " I AM SO PROUD THAT SOME ONE GRABBED ONE AND MADE GOOD USE OF IT " ! Good Going Ol' MAn ! " C u n heaven

Picture of Btlfn143 achievements


55. Btlfn14 4 years ago

#38 I just turned 62 and I, too, grew up in a one, black and white television home. We were so excited when my mother bought this 'clicker' thing and she could turn the tv on and off (she was in bed with a back injury). I remember when talk about a TV set that could be hung on the wall like a picture made the news! Oh, I could not wait to buy THAT! 30 years later, the flat tv has arrived, and guess what....I can't afford one.. But, I'm happy they exist. MY daughter bought an IPAD which I enjoy in my limited way. Now, she's determined to replace my broken Blackberry with the iPod 4. Wish me luck!

Picture of flintmcc19561 achievements


56. flintmcc1956 4 years ago

Don't let Samsung see this !!!!!!

Picture of chinglish1 achievements


57. chinglish 4 years ago

Funny vid.

My grandmother got an iPad for her 80th birthday and loves it. Uses it to Skype her grand kids, send emails and read the news.

Goes to show the power of intuitive technology, although I agree it will be interesting to see how WE handle new technology in 50 years...

Picture of tdushane1 achievements


58. tdushane 4 years ago

:D The dad will have the last laugh. But for the expense, he's shown what an iPad is good for - better spend the money on a real computer, Apple, PC, or Linux, IMHO.

Picture of higgie1 achievements


59. higgie 3 years ago

Will someone please tell me the meaning of the name of this website? From an English-speaking point of view it looks, well . . . questionable.

Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements


60. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#59 look here

Picture of higgie1 achievements


61. higgie 3 years ago

Thank you. I thought it was an acronym. I sent my cousin the link and he didn't want to open it because of the name "snotr." I assured him the video was not offensive.

Picture of gordyl1 achievements


62. gordyl 3 years ago

Dont underestimate us oldies we brought you kids up didnt we and were still sane although we get our revenge on you by changing the behavioural patterns of your kids and then handing them back to you Chuckle !!!

Picture of kmbold1 achievements


63. kmbold 3 years ago

Hey, Germans do have a sense of humor!

Picture of saarmason1 achievements


64. saarmason 3 years ago

I think the "dad" was just being difficult with his daughter.....if he watched TV or opened a newspaper he would have seen an Ipad advertised.

Another example of new technology in the Computer age.....In the late 80's and 90's I used to set up PC's in my Engineering Company and never forgot the call from a user complaining about the cup holder on his tower. It seems the darn thing closed with his styrofoam coffee cup on it and spilled coffee on his slax and shoes. I had to break the news to him that it was a new fangled invention called a CD player and not a cup holder. He was one of the Supervisors in that department.

A lesson learned then and now is very simple. Never ASSUME the recipient of the Computer device actually knows everything (or anything) about that device when you present it to him/her.
Technology can be dangerous!

Picture of FresnoJoe1 achievements


65. FresnoJoe 3 years ago

lol ~ Nice Ad :)

Picture of alsid1 achievements


66. alsid 3 years ago

Ausgezeichnet. I teach German in u3a classes & have shown this to many of my students. Knowledge of German is not needed & my granddaughters(6 &10 yr. old) also laughed at it. They both have I pads which they take better care of! :*

Picture of EstieEffeu2 achievements


67. EstieEffeu 3 years ago

Re Ravez in comment #1:

Ravez can be as condescending as he likes about "our elder people."

But most of them had a strict enough education in writing English that they would *not* make the same three common mechanical/punctuation mistakes that Ravez made.

Picture of Goldengalaxy4 achievements


68. Goldengalaxy 3 years ago

It's not making a statement derogatory to the elderly, it's just good, clean humor. Would it have been funny if it was a child helping their Mom in the kitchen? NO

Picture of donC2 achievements


69. donC 2 years ago

>:) VERY FUNNY! Thoroughly enjoyed this tho I am 82 years myself. My sense of humour hasn't gone stale.

Picture of Ani11031 achievements


70. Ani1103 2 years ago

What's the shows name ?

Picture of NosmoKing2 achievements


71. NosmoKing 2 years ago

I thought this was an ad done by a UK national opticians, albeit spoken in German.

The following Caption would have been more appropriate.

:) "Should have gone to SpecSavers"!

Picture of KallAngo20 achievements


72. KallAngo 1 year ago

Maybe this guy needs an Oppo R5 ;)