The $8Billion IPOD

The "true" cost of Copyright math.

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Picture of spla30032 achievements


1. spla300 2 years ago

Sort out corruption in governments= Problem solved
Dont look for problems elsewhere,
the thieves in the government filling their own pockets is the biggest loss/problem!!!

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


3. loadrunner 2 years ago

If a common CD or DVD had not that much tax(and other goverement treasure filling expenses) on it, it would sell much better. 25% of every movie or song goes straight to goverement.

So if a DVD costs $10 the goverement earns $2.50 The record company earns $2.50 and has to pay tax. The artist gets 33% and has to pay tax

do almost half of all the money goes to the goverement.

Picture of moese42 achievements


4. moese 2 years ago

#2 and the government is owned by the companies. and that completes the circle.

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


5. Oddi 2 years ago

I enjoyed the irony much..fuckin corporate thugs..Piracy is the tool of the masses to make the foundations of a multibillion industry tremble...use it! Support with your money only what you like and what really deserves it.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


6. irishgek 2 years ago

Why are they not taking Apple to court for aiding and abetting in criminal activity's ?

Picture of drunkmonk37 achievements


7. drunkmonk 2 years ago

-Number #5 - piracy is invaluable cause it gives access to modern .. well Everything to the whole world.

-Piracy will never stop anymore. Wait.. wait wait... so you want to tell me that everybody will just go.. uh.. . o well. nothing to it.. I guess I'll just hit the supermarket and spend my 3 month salary on things I don't really need, because my life is soo fulfilled that all I'm lacking is to satisfy my cultural crawings. . rent and relationships will wait. :D Bullshit :D

-There are people like there are in America, who believe in sin and haven't broken a law in their life. While there are people like me, who break a couple of laws a day, and it is normal.

-I couldn't imagine how dumb would I bee if I couldn't get the information I've got for free... with ease. The world (maybe not like America.. Belgium... etc.) but the rest of the world would be 20 years backwarded... like in Latin America, where there's no internet.. and 7 out of 10 times I saw a TV Walker The Texas Ranger was on :D Ridiculous.

-Of course thank god there are countries people can parasite on - to watch, but not to contribute for developement.

-And fo real.. the situation isn't soo bad as people do spend money on a cinematic expiriance. Which is unique.. It's just me whose a major ass hole.

-I would pay for my own countrys film products. Unfortunatley there's one in three years :D

-And as I mentioned in the previous post.. never get too comfortable with internet safety. Reason I hate, ya see, "how much comfortable is it to use your credit card infromation in iTunes".. oh dear. oh my.

-Oh.. and corruption.. and America :D Yeh.. twin towers and terrorists.. more like opposing party and Reichstag Fire Decree :D
In America it's worse, but on twin's base, this was passed in EU --

(The licking face is suppose to be an a EN : PDF)

I bet many of you didn't know that >:)

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


8. cyberdevil 2 years ago

He speaks the truth. :D

Picture of Unknown37 achievements


9. Unknown 2 years ago

Piracy is not the problem.
Corporate greed is.

Picture of LaoMa27 achievements


10. LaoMa 2 years ago

#3: At least taxes don't end up only in the corporate bosses' deep pockets. The good thing about taxes is that we all benefit from them. They give us free roads, free schools and universities, free healthcare and even free money if we lose our jobs or get handicapped. In civilized countries anyway...

Picture of Bergsten33 achievements


11. Bergsten 2 years ago

For Sale: Must sell! fully loaded Ipod, cost 8 billion, but will let it go for 3 billion or make an offer. Serious inquiries only please.

Picture of Antoros-29 achievements


12. Antoros- 2 years ago

#7 "like in Latin America, where there's no internet.. "

are you retard or something?? seriously?? you write like a 13 years old that is just repeating some speech an idiot told him, and you're not even doing it good

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


13. snotraddict 2 years ago

#10 Probably news to you (and the government likes idiots like you) but if everyone is paying taxes in the pool to provide all of that, IT'S NOT FREE!

Where do you think they get the money from to sprinkle around to all of you idiots who think it's FREE?

If he were an American citizen, he'd be an Obama supporter for sure (look up "Obama money";).

Picture of LaoMa27 achievements


14. LaoMa 2 years ago

#13: Obviously there's no such thing as a free lunch. I just meant that the taxes eventually return back to you in a way or another.

PS. You sir, are the idiot, if you don't know that the best countries in the world also happen to have the highest tax-rates. That's no communism. Just common sense.