If you want to know, why Brandon jumps around like this.

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Picture of prekazi36 achievements


1. prekazi 2 years ago

Still no comments regarding Tricking? :O
7:10 I love TRICKING ;)

Picture of Limberg38 achievements


2. Limberg 2 years ago

#1 Not sure what tricking is, but I like where your 7:08 timer goes :D

Picture of Thanos26 achievements


3. Thanos 2 years ago

I must have missed the time when it all merged under the headline "Tricking"...

<DISCLAIMER =read only if you are interested in some background story>

However, story behind this is surprisingly straightforward. Originally, there were forms/sequences that were taught in different martial arts/schools thereof, it was meant (in the first place) to learn the techniques used within the form, and simulate a scene of (usually) multiple opponents attacking in a way that is good for using said technique. Then it became way to demonstrate the Martial Art itself... and once it spread wide enough, people came to regard it more as a show, than as an actual Martial Art demonstration... and with that in mind came need for it to become more "flashier" which is also the point where the main collection of flashy show-off moves started.


I've been doing different Martial Arts all my life, and I have always liked this aspect of Martial Arts (and other disciplines), however as much as I do love aesthetically pleasing flashy techniques, I prefer the useful ones a bit more...

If someone is interested, I advise Wushu for people who are interested in flashy techniques, Taekwondo for people who want both flashy and useful techniques, and Wing Chun for people who don't really fancy themselves with flashy stuff, but prefer EXTREMELY (my opinion) useful techniques...

PS: #1 and #2 : I can't really remember the name, but I've seen some youtube videos from this girl... Although it was basically a gymnastic sequence performed by a very flexible (among other things) girl - not as fancy, it was still worth watching. =)

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


4. Burimi 2 years ago

#3 I think she is German (i)

Picture of EricLB39 achievements


6. EricLB 2 years ago

#1 and #2 that is Nikki Stanley.

Picture of prekazi36 achievements


8. prekazi 2 years ago

#6 and #7 THNX - Here we have some Tricking 0:34 (@#2 high energy sport which consisting kicking tumbling and twisting)- Chloé Bruce -

Picture of drunkmonk37 achievements


9. drunkmonk 2 years ago

3# Exactly

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


10. makbeth 2 years ago

6:17 - 6:33 um what? he pretty much says that training and being coached are unique to tricking. that is a really stupid lie. You get that in every sport, and this is common if not universal knowledge. You cant just claim that your new sport has invented the concept of people using encouragement to improve performance. That even exists outside the world of sport.

This seems a lot like that "extreme sitting" "sport" from a while back. How do you score it? you get 5 points for the highest jump and 10 for the prettiest twirl? I know its probably uber athletic and all, but it just seems a little wimpy to me. Including actual martial arts techniques only emphasises the fact that you are not actually attempting to do anything practical(ie, its about form and poise rather than strength and technique)

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


11. cyberdevil 2 years ago

The evolution of martial art. :) I haven't thought about how tricking is present in so many new action movies, but it really is, can't help but imagine how Jackie Chan movies would have been with some more of this mixed in. :D