Python eats Alligator, Time Lapse Speed x6

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Picture of curator34 achievements


1. curator 2 years ago

I wish i could eat that much and won't need to eat 2 weeks afterwards.
Would save a lot of time :D

Picture of bisteinee26 achievements


2. bisteinee 2 years ago

Crocodiles can'T walk backwards…

Picture of merken20 achievements


3. merken 2 years ago

:S this reminds me when you eat pizza and the melted chesse goes down your throat while you are still chewing :S

Picture of fjwjr43 achievements


4. fjwjr 2 years ago

Didn't it seem like the gator's legs were still moving all the way to the end?

Picture of woschman30 achievements


5. woschman 2 years ago

That snake is huge... And omg, freaky the alligator still alive half way inside the pyhton, and maybe longer :O
Really cool, but I actually want to see this vid in normal speed :P

Picture of pyr037 achievements


6. pyr0 2 years ago

"I am a python, you, alligator will be assimilated. I will add your biological distinctiveness to my own. Resistance is futile." >:)

Picture of Bumfighter37 achievements


7. Bumfighter 2 years ago

This is a cayman. Not an alligator. The gator is mutch bigger but it's still impressive.
I wonder if the snake got some heavy skratches in it's belly :S

Picture of Gorf35 achievements


8. Gorf 2 years ago

You'd think that the snake would know by now that it's bad for your digestion to eat a live 'gator...

Don't they have internets there?

Picture of iovnzu36 achievements


9. iovnzu 2 years ago

the snake seems so happy at the end! :D

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


10. Premtm 2 years ago

Bon appetite........ :D

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


11. ughlah 2 years ago

Tastes like chicken...

Picture of boober12 achievements


12. boober 2 years ago

He not greedy,,he just wants alot.

Picture of loadme32 achievements


13. loadme 2 years ago

the video doenst show the most interessting part

the battle!

Picture of huldu30 achievements


14. huldu 2 years ago

They eat children and wounded people just as well. Of course it all depends on the size of the snake.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


15. irishgek 2 years ago

God dam poor croc was alive untill the bitter end :(

Picture of redossie27 achievements


16. redossie 2 years ago

That's a lot of leather to digest... :D

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


17. dragonon 2 years ago

Damn, the feeling that something is eating you alive, ALIVE MAN!~!! yukh!!!
Sucks to be alligator here.
I don't know but it would have been better if there was some " graphic material " or somethin' written in the title.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


18. sux2bu 2 years ago

#7 Caymans live in South America and Central America where there are no pythons. Alligators and pythons are abundant in Florida;actually pythons are a problem there and are being hunted.The type of scale armour on this alligator's back show it IS a gator.
The vid description is correct.

Picture of WildMonkey31 achievements


19. WildMonkey 2 years ago

I think that meal will be good for a couple of months.

Picture of anjoe21325 achievements


20. anjoe213 2 years ago

The first time I've ever felt bad for an alligator

Picture of LQoQK36 achievements


21. LQoQK 2 years ago

you want look like this when you take a dump,

Picture of JEDDS33 achievements


22. JEDDS 2 years ago

#18 It is a Caiman . And it is getting eaten by an Anaconda, which both live in South America.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


23. sux2bu 2 years ago

#22 You evidently don't know shit about the difference between anacondas and pythons. By the coloration and markings it is a Rock Python and can be further identified as a Rock by the head which is triangular and is marked on top with a dark brown “spear-head” outlined in buffy yellow. See 2:33 for that mark.
Anaconda markings are entirely different, with round markings.Here is a site with pictures that fits your age.

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


24. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Well that was interesting. :) Poor croc though.

Picture of CallMeDave20 achievements


25. CallMeDave 2 years ago

Luck for all of us that sux2butts is ever-present to provide us with his hastily prepared Wiki research. Phew! Well don sux2butts. You are my hero. :D

Picture of Hotch7 achievements


26. Hotch 292 days ago