Grizzly charges

In Katmai, Alaska a Grizzly charges a group of person to intimidate them. Fortunately, nobody moved.

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Picture of K1R21 achievements


1. K1R 2 years ago

Balls of Steel and larger than those of the bear!

Picture of Darkic31 achievements


2. Darkic 2 years ago

wow i would die from scare factor!! look how white libs girl have at the end.. priceless

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


3. makbeth 2 years ago

Wow! that is one socially awkward bear :D

Picture of cameramaster40 achievements


4. cameramaster 2 years ago

And That was the point where I SHIT myself!

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


5. Premtm 2 years ago

Appreciate their adrenalin........ :)

Picture of MajorIdea44 achievements


6. MajorIdea 2 years ago

A bear with ADHD!

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE **squirl?** ........ what was I doing?"

Picture of dushan51 achievements


7. dushan 2 years ago

#1 i wouldn't say so, instinct say "freeze!", brain say "run!"
you life depends on which voice you are ready to listen :)

Picture of dariodexter32 achievements


8. dariodexter 2 years ago


Picture of HazarTur25 achievements


9. HazarTur 2 years ago

00:26 Good Bye Beautiful World. See you next time :x

Picture of stretchpadawan30 achievements


10. stretchpadawan 2 years ago

ill be needing my brown pants thanks

Picture of venomkd27 achievements


11. venomkd 2 years ago

Bear: shit, where did that bee go, aww man no honey tonight.

Picture of tim42036 achievements


12. tim420 2 years ago

Why did the person with the camera stop filming? I want to see what happens after! :|

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


13. Comment rated too low. Show this comment peacinu 2 years ago

Stupidity level:human. If that bear would have charged all the way and killed someone, the rest of them, the media, whatever, would consider it a dangerous animal that needs to be killed. People should get smart and avoid interfering with wild animals.
I hope these morons learned their lesson.

Picture of Thanny35 achievements


14. Thanny 2 years ago

#13 Interfering? Looks like a group of people out in the wilds, minding their own business, when a bear decides to start interfering with them.

Fortunately, it seems they knew that a bear charge is almost always a bluff.

Picture of Benson198424 achievements


15. Benson1984 2 years ago

What happens when the clip stops?

Picture of imagic42 achievements


16. imagic 2 years ago

#15 the cameraman got eaten by bear nr2 >:)

Picture of bartriccardo15 achievements


17. bartriccardo 2 years ago

deam if i was there i would shit my pants TWICE! LOL

Picture of huldu30 achievements


18. huldu 2 years ago

Go pet it! Like in the movies! Just like any other animal, humans included, you should never run as it's a sign of fear. You just hope that the animal will stop its charge or you're dead.

Picture of SiguRos20 achievements


19. SiguRos 2 years ago

Just an FYI: for brown bears this is the correct thing to do. Black bears, however, you throw rocks at and fight off.

Picture of Miskatronic21 achievements


20. Miskatronic 2 years ago

Yeap it takes time for old people to move... >:)

Picture of Ghostriderr1111116 achievements


21. Ghostriderr11111 2 years ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.......My pants is wet!!! >:) >:) >:)

Picture of f4de24 achievements


22. f4de 2 years ago

not a fuck was given that day.

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


23. ZaMpTi 2 years ago

U know why the video is so short right? ^^

Picture of cretia27 achievements


24. cretia 2 years ago

STUPID PEOPLE if they only knew how close to death they were

Picture of Geekster52 achievements


25. Geekster (admin) 2 years ago

once in a lifetime experience :D

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements


26. cyberdevil 2 years ago

Looking forward to the sequel. :D