Man Is Giant Kangaroo's Servant

He's paid in not being kicked in the stomach.

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Picture of Quintus18 achievements


1. Quintus 2 years ago

I was hoping for some action there .. like boxing :|

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


2. Oddi 2 years ago

Hes very lucky kangaroos dont get irritated as easily as me by annoying woman laugh.

Picture of WhiteWolf37 achievements


3. WhiteWolf 2 years ago

And this video is snotr material becaaaaaause? :|

Picture of heyhey31 achievements


4. heyhey 2 years ago

Snotr's Top 10 Of Nothing, great >:)

Picture of ringmaster40 achievements


5. ringmaster 2 years ago

Please, don't stop there, are they invited to sleepovers or what? ;)

Picture of dushan51 achievements


6. dushan 2 years ago

#1 action is cut off, it starts at 1:38, right after "oh mama" :D

Picture of cretia27 achievements


7. cretia 2 years ago

They look cute until they balance on their tail and rip you open like a banana with their feet (Big huge Claws) red Kangaroos are not to be messed with

Picture of hafa33 achievements


8. hafa 2 years ago

looks like an oversized raccoon

Picture of CallMeDave20 achievements


9. Comment rated too low. Show this comment CallMeDave 2 years ago

Rivetting stuff. Yawn ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Picture of yoal5433 achievements


10. yoal54 2 years ago

That was she said last night. >:)

Picture of antrax1330 achievements


11. antrax13 2 years ago

make sure you keep eating the big one :D

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


12. Premtm 2 years ago

I wouldn't feed a Kangaroo because am scared of their fatal kicks.... :'(

Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


13. Mourialaid 2 years ago

This guy is 4 feet tall >:)

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


14. sux2bu 2 years ago

#9 CallMeNaive, If you are going to constantly try to be a smartass at least try to be smart enough to know how to spell 'riveting'. It helps keep you from looking like a dumbass. :D

Picture of CallMeDave20 achievements


15. CallMeDave 2 years ago

#14. Sux2butts, if you are going to insist on being one of those sad cases who get a kick out of pointing out spelling errors to people, then you might want to start adding some correct grammar and punctuation to your own posts.

a) Capital letters are for real names and the beginning of a sentence, neither of which describes your use of the word 'If'.

b) There should be a comma after the word smartass.

c) In writing 'If you are going to constantly try...' you have split the infinitive 'to try'. Tsk.

I guess you don't feel so smart yourself now eh, dickhead? :D

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


16. sux2bu 2 years ago

#15 "Clever"dork, the "If" was used for emphasis since italics is not available here.

I did not intend a pause after describing you,thus no comma.

There is no rule in modern grammar against 'splitting the infinitive'. That is an old holdover from Latin grammar. (i)

The more I hear from you,the smarter I feel! :)

Picture of CallMeDave20 achievements


17. CallMeDave 2 years ago

#16. Capitatising a word for emphasis is incorrect grammar. Try and convince yourself otherwise if you wish, but that still does not make it correct.

There is a pause there, whether you meant it or not. Try reading the line to yourself with and without the pause. You will see what I mean. This is something that is difficult for many people to grasp, especially imbeciles such as yourself, so don't feel too bad if you are still confused.

Not splitting the infinitive is as valid today as it ever was. An American would have difficulty appreciating how to speak and write English correctly. No surprise there.

It amuses me that you feel smart, especially after reading a number of your past comments, which appear to have been written by a rather immature teenager. I suggest you go and look up the word 'delusional'.


Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


18. sux2bu 2 years ago

You are wrong on all of the above,troll. CleverBastard has re-surfaced it seems.