Near Death & Close Calls

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Picture of Xylocaine21 achievements


1. Xylocaine 2 years ago

I can see only one pixel

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


2. loadrunner 2 years ago

I like the music.

Picture of manro48 achievements


3. manro 2 years ago

Lucky bastards. Bloody favoritism. >:)

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


4. Burimi 2 years ago

0:25 lucky old bastard :D

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


5. peacinu 2 years ago

I don't know who copy/pasted this video from youtube and what software did he use to re-re-re-convert it, but my guess is Potato HD v.1.0

Picture of CommanderSlap14 achievements


6. Comment rated too low. Show this comment CommanderSlap 2 years ago

Nice collection, and VERY nice music. Music source anybody?

Oh and, this will probably be my last post on snotr, because a message just came up from an Admin telling me that I will be banned for expressing an opinion. Actually, it didn't say that, it said I would be banned for saying things are crap and for insulting people. So what the admin really means is that I'll be banned for expressing MY opinion.

Well, never being one to be one of the sheep, and fit in and agree with other people just for a quiet life, I shall have to bid you all farewell for now and say to the power-mad witless admin who is about to ban me:

Bye-bye arsehole!

Picture of majais25 achievements


7. majais 2 years ago

Looks all like toys these crashing cars etc. I also like the music a lot! Somebody?

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


8. loadrunner 2 years ago

#5 it looks like there were video's converted to .gif files, then compiled into a video.

Picture of Vergetta25 achievements


9. Vergetta 2 years ago

thought this wasa video about the U.S elections from the title......... :)

Picture of wongraven37 achievements


10. wongraven 2 years ago

Some theese people surely should have died, must be glitches in the system. Anyways, love the man on the bicycle, riding through the mayhem ! :(|)

Picture of Srchak45 achievements


11. Srchak 2 years ago

#6 if your opinion is insulting other people than it's not opinion it's just being rude. And I'm sure you will be back with new account just like many rude trolls before you.

Picture of Woette25 achievements


12. Woette 2 years ago

The scene at 2 minutes is fake, it was made as a school project for special effects if a remember correctly.
Some VERY close calls in there none the less!!

Picture of Skillerns23 achievements


13. Skillerns 2 years ago

The reaction of people are amazing sometimes! How can we even be able to react that fast!? :O

Picture of xzebte30 achievements


14. xzebte 2 years ago

3:36 how did he got out of it? :O

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


15. Premtm 2 years ago

One hell of a close calls... :'(

Picture of Yokhannan21 achievements


16. Yokhannan 2 years ago

video quality aside, this is one of the better collections i think i have seen.

Picture of Threeme218928 achievements


17. Threeme2189 2 years ago

3:17 must be a ninja, he landed on his feet!!!

Picture of yokey9129 achievements


18. yokey91 2 years ago

idiot! can't you see the train!

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


19. ruhk 2 years ago

2:20 I remember seeing that on some high speed pursuit show. The driver of the black car was a young boy (under 14) who couldn't even reach the pedals properly. They arrested him after something like 45 minutes of chasing.

Picture of 5ubZer033 achievements


20. 5ubZer0 2 years ago

why did noone ask for the music jet? so whats the titel? ^^

Picture of esona23 achievements


21. esona 2 years ago


Picture of Boatexportusa6 achievements


22. Boatexportusa 12 days ago

nice video