Pee Prank - Arrested Edition

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Picture of 5ubZer034 achievements


1. 5ubZer0 2 years ago

time for a weewee

Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements


2. gouranga4ever 2 years ago

Later back at the Station the cops piss themselves watching snotr..

Picture of aziwa31 achievements


3. aziwa 2 years ago

these guys are idiots, police have a job to do, yet these guys are so insistent on pissing the police off just to prove they can...... Meanwhile real criminals get to roam the streets because the police are too busy.

Thanks to the guys who made this retarded video, I hope you get runover by a bus. soon.

Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements


4. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Voutelamberopipi 2 years ago

#4 Is being idiot a crime in America? Is that the name of the fellony? Plus, if criminals are on the loose, cops shouldn't be worrying about idiots making fool of themselves.

See, the thing is there's a very thin line between "arrest for being idiot" and "arrest just 'cause I don't like you".

Picture of Granko22 achievements


5. Granko 2 years ago

Well, I don't like cops at all, especially here in my small central european country they are real idiots, however these guys were quite professional and I can understand that if everyone was doing those pranks it probably wouldn't help anybody... Let's just everybody be "reasonable" no matter what the exact single word of law says...

Picture of Ganjabus32 achievements


6. Ganjabus 2 years ago

#4 You're an idiot for quoting yourself.

Picture of snotr_fan34 achievements


7. snotr_fan 2 years ago

#4 i can't stop laughing at your self-criticism :D

Picture of alga18 achievements


8. alga 2 years ago


Its better to read comments than to watch!

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


9. Baboon 2 years ago

snotr comments are the best

Picture of dariodexter32 achievements


10. dariodexter 2 years ago

Even though those guys had a good point, they were still being complete morons.

Picture of LobsterKing38 achievements


11. LobsterKing 2 years ago

If the cops would just not give them the attention and ignore it...guess what happens? nothing......arresting them is what is going to really waste their own time. Im for law enforcement but not how they handled this situation, they made themselves look unprofessional.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


12. sux2bu 2 years ago

These wiseguys are pretending to do something which would be illegal and could get them arrested. No one is hurt and it seems funny afterwards.
But let's say they pull a prank where one of them uses a rubber knife and pretends to stab and slash one of his moronic cohorts to shock the passersby like in the pee-prank. No one is really hurt UNTIL a cop or armed citizen trys to save the 'victim' by shooting the perp.....not so funny now.

Picture of cameramaster40 achievements


13. cameramaster 2 years ago

As a photographer of over 40 years experience I get enough problems from the police in the UK as it is.... I wouldn't appreciate people like this making my life any harder than it already is.

Picture of Vergetta25 achievements


14. Vergetta 2 years ago

Im sure the woman shook the bottle more than 3 time's after the {wee}, us guys knows what that means, A _ank indeed........ :P

Picture of Supersnail24 achievements


15. Supersnail 2 years ago

#12 That was quite the leap you made there, from fake urination to fake attempted murder. Golf clap

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


16. LightAng3l 2 years ago

This is getting boring and stupid....

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


17. PortugaL26 2 years ago


Picture of Judge-Jake29 achievements


18. Judge-Jake 2 years ago

The problem here is that the police would not be allowed to ignor these guys. It's their job and if they did there would be some toe-rag taking a photo of the cop ignoring his or her duty. They can't really win can they? It's being done to excess, the joke is over, it was funny once, now move on. :|

Picture of Severd_nerv22 achievements


19. Severd_nerv 2 years ago

i think they pissed the police off

Picture of Namron724 achievements


20. Namron7 2 years ago

Bit strong from #3 saying he hopes they get run over by a bus. You're going to hell dude >:)

Picture of Cyrille34 achievements


21. Cyrille 2 years ago

#16 Aggreed. Tht was funny... at the beginning.

Now they pissed off the wrong officier, who may have more important things to do, they ended up un jail.

It had to happen one day...

Picture of bigdisnotr29 achievements


22. bigdisnotr 2 years ago

Dear nr #3, if u care about that idiot cops, while all the other cops in the video quickly get back to their serious job, you should meet the bus..

Picture of roadrunner9015 achievements


23. roadrunner90 2 years ago

#4 and #22 the reason these idiots got arrested, isn't for simply being idiots and the police not liking them, it is because they were arguing afterwards. they were told to stop because it was generating a lot of calls to the police and whilst they may not think they are doing anything wrong but, they are causing harassment, alarm or distress to member of the public (otherwise no one would call the police). It is the fact they keep doing it and then argued when they were told to stop that got them arrested. The arguing prevented the police doing their job which is an offence.

Picture of RealDollNipSlip16 achievements


24. RealDollNipSlip 2 years ago

You don't need to have your Miranda rights read if the Police catch you committing a crime. They are causing public nuisance and disobeying Police orders.

Picture of cretia27 achievements


25. cretia 2 years ago

In Australia the police would not be so nice , lets say they would never do it again.

Picture of bigdisnotr29 achievements


26. bigdisnotr 2 years ago

#23, sorry but the cop clearly said "you ar not breaking any law, but you are being idiots". followed by the camera argue, which is stupid. so if you dare to ask why, why, why, cop will arrest you for arguing. f```ing crazy!

Picture of Analizethat15 achievements


27. Analizethat 2 years ago

#3 Is it just me or you don't have a sense of humor at all? You're just too conservative to understand the meaning of funny. They didn't do anything to deserve that attitude. The police guy was too far this time, or maybe like most of the times?