Show-off Failed

Guy manning the boat lost control and his balance...

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Picture of joka23243 achievements


1. joka232 2 years ago

Lol, they all fell like ragdolls :P, the driver just got flung...

Picture of fvgouveia19 achievements


2. fvgouveia 2 years ago

nothing got out of the boat not even the sunglasses luky guys and girls

Picture of etplayer31 achievements


3. etplayer 2 years ago

I may be mistaken, but I think he hit the wake of another boat?

Picture of fjwjr42 achievements


4. fjwjr 2 years ago

He's lucky that it looks like no one got hurt. Dummy.

Picture of MajorIdea44 achievements


5. MajorIdea 2 years ago

I'm impressed with the green bikini girl's glasses. They go outside the boat to the right, inside to the left and right again! :O

Picture of Vergetta25 achievements


6. Vergetta 2 years ago

0:06 World's most EPIC face plant..........Fucken LMFAO

Just keep clicking on it ......... :D :D :D :D :D :D

Picture of Itsme7835 achievements


7. Itsme78 2 years ago

NICE airbag 00:13. :P :P :P
wouldn't mind crashing if that popped out of my steering weel <3 <3

Picture of fixento231 achievements


8. fixento2 2 years ago

Brainless and clueless idiot standing up at the helm of a boat running thru chop at high speed.

Picture of dariodexter32 achievements


9. dariodexter 2 years ago

I know i probbaly shouldn't...but I can't stop laughing hahahaha xD

Picture of sfry51332 achievements


10. sfry513 2 years ago

this could be a win, he did have 2 good looking girls on top of him

Picture of neversaynever21 achievements


11. neversaynever 2 years ago

replay :))

Picture of markinpa20 achievements


12. markinpa 2 years ago

Too much speed, inability, and irresponsibility is how people get killed while boating. I just saw the 50 sec version of this. Five people went to the hospital with injuries. The girl in the center was holding her head and not looking too well. The pilot was the last one to try to stand up. If someone hit their head and was thrown out without a life jacket and died, he'd be looking at prison time.

Picture of sp17623 achievements


13. sp176 2 years ago

I am no boater, but it seems strange to me what the driver is doing. He keeps moving the lever up and down repeatedly. What is that supposed to do?

Picture of Sin_iZ33 achievements


14. Sin_iZ 2 years ago

i cant stop laughing :D :'( hahahaha 2 face plants the girl and a the guy and one water face plant * green bikini girl *

replay replay replay

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


15. Usdevildoggmc 2 years ago

Really?? no one has commented about 0:13 CHEECK TO CHEECK IMPACT!? Epic.

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


16. LightAng3l 2 years ago

1. Play the video again.
2. Focus on the guys in the back of the boat.
3. Laugh your a** off!

Picture of Tidge27 achievements


17. Tidge 2 years ago

Awesome... funniest video I've seen on snotr: epic water faceplant 0:16 lololololol

Picture of stretchpadawan30 achievements


18. stretchpadawan 2 years ago

Look mummy, a flying soggy rich bitch

Picture of darkmas38 achievements


19. darkmas 2 years ago

so you don't export airbags just anywhere 8-)

Picture of dannodon36 achievements


20. dannodon 2 years ago

That's quite a few faceplants from hell... >:)

Picture of kelarunas12 achievements


21. kelarunas 2 years ago

Way much better with dubstep :D

Picture of orion27 achievements


22. orion 2 years ago

The magic sunglasses are really defying all the laws of physics.

Picture of majais25 achievements


23. majais 2 years ago

Great "Video-Art"

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


25. sux2bu 2 years ago

38' Fountain offshore race/sport boats are made in North Carolina and usually have twin big-block Chevy engines with around 500+ HP each. Not a toy and speed kills.These boats can hit 100+ mph.

Picture of Eisenhorn12 achievements


26. Eisenhorn 2 years ago

weelll, i guess this fits in the description of a fail boat.

Picture of ptsantos25 achievements


27. ptsantos 1 year ago

#2 and #5 If You Watch carefull They go outside (green bikini girl's glasses) and not come in.. its the sun glasses of the white shirt guy on the back..the girl glasses are more large.. :S #15 loock comment #7 sorry guys but its true :|