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Thumbnail of Spanish bullfighter gored

Spanish bullfighter gored

Published 14 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by PortugaL26

Warning: DO NOT watch this if you are squeamish

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Thumbnail of Mom Meltdown

Mom Meltdown

Published 14 years ago in Pranks. Submitted by OMGkungfu

Mom totally freaks out when she finds 26.000 energy drinks in her house..

Thumbnail of Insane dog

Insane dog

Published 15 years ago in Animals. Submitted by rjavc

This dog has some serious malfunctions... :'(

Thumbnail of New SuperHero

New SuperHero

Published 14 years ago in Awesome

Chuck Norris compared to this one? naaaah...

Thumbnail of Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Published 17 years ago in Awesome

Some nice Christmas decorations to cheer up the neighborhood.