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Thumbnail of Americans can't remember when 9/11 happened

Americans can't remember when 9/11 happened

Published 14 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by wluce0

Thumbnail of Fail compilation

Fail compilation

Published 14 years ago in Compilations. Submitted by Niek

Here's the latest monthly fail compilation, this one combines all the best fail videos of May 2010 :D

Thumbnail of Whales evolution

Whales evolution

Published 6 years ago in Science. Submitted by thundersnow

Whales are mammals whose ancestors lived on land. So how did they evolve into the sea creatures of today? Based on illustrations by Carl Buell and displayed as part of the Whales Tohor? exhibition.

Thumbnail of Starcraft 2 Beta Shit

Starcraft 2 Beta Shit

Published 14 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by wts

She's crazy!

Thumbnail of Oops... sorry!

Oops... sorry!

Published 16 years ago in Accidents

This footage from a security camera shows how a US tank crushes part of an Iraqi car and simply drives away.