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Thumbnail of Bored at work?

Bored at work?

Published 13 years ago in Weird. Submitted by Jos

Apparently ;)

Thumbnail of Wiimote head tracking

Wiimote head tracking

Published 13 years ago in Technology. Submitted by Niek

This is an extremely cool application of the Wii Remote: head tracking in order to incorporate depth and space in VR application. More info at Read more…

Thumbnail of Stupid people compilation

Stupid people compilation

Published 13 years ago in Compilations. Submitted by Bitter_Torrenter

A marvelous compilation video one of our visitors made. It shows several classic "ownage" moments.

Thumbnail of How do slot/arcade machines work?

How do slot/arcade machines work?

Published 13 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Niek

Check out the mechanism of different slot and arcade machines, and how to make it easier for you to win a prize! From 5min.

Thumbnail of Deer attacks hunter

Deer attacks hunter

Published 13 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Niek

While being hunted, this deer decides that he's not going to have any of it and goes off the hook, in another amazing twist of fate. The guy filming this video must be a really great friend!? From Read more…