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Thumbnail of Spray paint art

Spray paint art

Published 12 years ago in Other

This is how beautiful drawings can be made with a simple spray paint can.

Thumbnail of Cat fight on stools

Cat fight on stools

Published 12 years ago in Animals

Two cats fighting a friendly match on stools. With dramatic music :)

Thumbnail of Awsome optical illusion

Awsome optical illusion

Published 12 years ago in Awesome

An optical illusion that will make you hallucinate. Just watch full screen size and follow instructions!

Thumbnail of Rain heroes

Rain heroes

Published 12 years ago in Vehicles

This is what it looks like when you're driving an Formula One car on a rainy day :O

Thumbnail of Slip 'n Slide Extravaganza

Slip 'n Slide Extravaganza

Published 12 years ago in Other

These guys build a water slide from the roof of their parent's house while they are away.