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Thumbnail of Skeletor and Beast-Man

Skeletor and Beast-Man

Published 12 years ago in Other

This is actually a serious music clip. Feauturing the 'talented' Brandon DiCamillo and Bam Margera of the band 'Gnarkill' Read more…

Thumbnail of Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

Published 12 years ago in Other

'Nostalgic' monologue by presenter Graham Mack of the 96.6 TFM Radio Breakfast Show. Looks like life sucked back then >:)

Thumbnail of Lolcheetah


Published 12 years ago in Animals

A variation of the lolcat.
I'm on ur car... shitting ur seatz :D

Thumbnail of Simpsons evolution intro

Simpsons evolution intro

Published 12 years ago in Cartoons

New scientific evidence that proofs the evolution theory :D

Thumbnail of Cartoon mix

Cartoon mix

Published 12 years ago in Cartoons

Family Guy, The Simpsons and Southpark crossover moments.