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Thumbnail of Piracy is a crime!

Piracy is a crime!

Published 12 years ago in Parodies

An MPAA-like advertisement against downloading videos, which makes perfectly clear why downloading videos is illegal Read more…

Thumbnail of Worst burglar ever

Worst burglar ever

Published 12 years ago in Ownage

A smart guy shows his shoplifting skills in front of the security cameras :D

Thumbnail of Glass Blowing a Cat

Glass Blowing a Cat

Published 12 years ago in Animals

This is a man in Venice making an amazing glass masterpiece. See how he is constantly turning it around because it's so weak and bends down all the time.

Thumbnail of Upside down house

Upside down house

Published 12 years ago in Other

A man in Poland build an upside down house to try to make people aware of where we are going with the earth. Apparently it's a big attraction and you feel weird when your inside.

Thumbnail of Mind experiment with Derren Brown

Mind experiment with Derren Brown

Published 12 years ago in Other

Derren Brown trys to transmit the name of a card to you. did you get it?

Read more…