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Thumbnail of Skateboarding skills

Skateboarding skills

Published 13 years ago in Sports

Rodney Mullen, one of the best skateboarders, showing his impressive skills.

Thumbnail of Ice Scraping

Ice Scraping

Published 13 years ago in Commercials

Very predicable, but still funny :)

Thumbnail of Beatboxing parrot

Beatboxing parrot

Published 13 years ago in Animals

We've seen enough talking and counting parrots. New trick: beatboxing.

Thumbnail of Exploding fireworks factory

Exploding fireworks factory

Published 13 years ago in Accidents

Video footage of the explosion of a Dutch fireworks factory in 2000. 22 people were killed and 947 were wounded by the explosion.

Thumbnail of Look Around You - Maths

Look Around You - Maths

Published 13 years ago in Documentary

First episode of the TV show Look Around You.