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Thumbnail of Horse slide

Horse slide

Published 15 years ago in Other

An impressive escape scene from the Indian movie Alluda Mazaaka...!, starring Bollywood moviestar Chiranjeevi Read more…

Thumbnail of Deathwish driving

Deathwish driving

Published 15 years ago in Other

151 kilometers (94 miles) in 51 minutes on a crowded Czech highway :|

Thumbnail of Heroes parody

Heroes parody

Published 15 years ago in Parodies

A parody of the TV show Heroes . The parody was made by MADtv.

Thumbnail of Dvinsk clan free running

Dvinsk clan free running

Published 15 years ago in Sports

A video made by the Latvian Dvinsk free running clan from Daugavpils.

Thumbnail of David Copperfield wannabe

David Copperfield wannabe

Published 15 years ago in Other

Stunning tricks.