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Thumbnail of The Internet in 1994

The Internet in 1994

Published 15 years ago in Documentary

This is how beautiful the Internet was in 1994. Don't forget to turn off images while browsing to lower your phone bill ;)

Thumbnail of Hilarous Indian music clip

Hilarous Indian music clip

Published 15 years ago in Weird

The song "Kalluri Vaanil" by Prubhu Deva, which seems to be actually popular in India. Watch how the clip gets weirder and weirder as it reaches its end Read more…

Thumbnail of Flare fireworks

Flare fireworks

Published 15 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Erik

A Hercules C-130 testing it's flare system.

Thumbnail of How To Escape A Fart

How To Escape A Fart

Published 15 years ago in Other. Submitted by Erik

Chinese scientists play with farts.

Thumbnail of Dead bird in cereal

Dead bird in cereal

Published 15 years ago in Ownage

A perfect way to prank your roommate >:) Warning: foul language.