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Thumbnail of Cat and vacuum cleaner

Cat and vacuum cleaner

Published 9 years ago in Animals

Thumbnail of Some of the strangest sea creatures

Some of the strangest sea creatures

Published 9 years ago in Awesome

Thumbnail of Bamboo Railway - Cambodia

Bamboo Railway - Cambodia

Published 10 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by 01nvr

Enterprising locals in Battambang, Cambodia, have developed a unique railway. It's made from recycled tank wheels, small motorcycle engines and lashings of bamboo

Thumbnail of Driving Like a Boss

Driving Like a Boss

Published 9 years ago in Vehicles. Submitted by Jabafara

Who needs a tractor, when you got a Lada :D

Thumbnail of Ray Villafane: 'Extreme' Pumpkin Carver

Ray Villafane: 'Extreme' Pumpkin Carver

Published 9 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Sizzlik