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Thumbnail of Zero Gravity Physics

Zero Gravity Physics

Published 4 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by joeman

This T-Handle can wobble and turn in mid air, but how does it work? If you're like me you're wishing you paid more attention in physics class. It turns out the answer is relatively simple.

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Thumbnail of Zero Visibility

Zero Visibility

Published 6 years ago in Accidents. Submitted by LobsterKing


Thumbnail of Zero-G Flight

Zero-G Flight

Published 3 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by RandurSource

Thumbnail of ZeroN


Published 8 years ago in Technology. Submitted by Xionbox

An anti-gravity user interface.

Thumbnail of Zidane Destroys A Young Goalkeeper

Zidane Destroys A Young Goalkeeper

Published 9 years ago in Sports. Submitted by lockandload