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Thumbnail of "Atlantis, The Palm" hotel opening

"Atlantis, The Palm" hotel opening

Published 15 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Jos

The opening ceremony of the hotel Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, including the most expensive fireworks show in history.

Thumbnail of "Bad Salsa" not bad at all !!

"Bad Salsa" not bad at all !!

Published 12 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Nizar

Incredible performance from India Got Talent 2011

Thumbnail of "Beat It"

"Beat It"

Published 9 years ago in Other. Submitted by dushan Darth Vader :D

Thumbnail of "Betel Nut"

"Betel Nut"

Published 10 years ago in Documentary

My friend just published this documentary on Taiwan's most sold legal drug "Betel Nut". It's sold by scarcely clothed girls on the side of the road and is the primary cause of oral cancer in Taiwan.

Thumbnail of "Cock!"


Published 10 years ago in Accidents