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Thumbnail of FAIL!


Published 9 years ago in Accidents. Submitted by mafia199017

The compilation of epic fails

Thumbnail of Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police

Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police

Published 12 years ago in Parodies

A fierce battle ;)

Thumbnail of SNL - Digital Short - Shy Ronnie

SNL - Digital Short - Shy Ronnie

Published 10 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Aliquantulus

Yet another DigRead more…

Thumbnail of Fastest Man On Earth

Fastest Man On Earth

Published 4 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by dbomber69

John Paul Stapp was a surgeon and an Air Force officer. And, in 1954, he became the "fastest man on earth," when he reached a speed of 632 miles per hour while testing the effects of acceleration and deceleration on the human body.

Thumbnail of Flow Hive Full Reveal

Flow Hive Full Reveal

Published 4 years ago in Commercials. Submitted by fjwjr

The introduction of this invention is pretty amazing.

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