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Thumbnail of Peeling an apple.

Peeling an apple.

Published 8 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by nokster

So you thought you could peel apples?

Thumbnail of Beer bottle domino

Beer bottle domino

Published 11 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by most_uniQue

A dominoes set / Rube Goldberg machine made with hundreds of beer bottles!

Thumbnail of Taco Town

Taco Town

Published 10 years ago in Commercials. Submitted by NucleoVega

I would seriously order one of these...

Thumbnail of Crowded Japanese train

Crowded Japanese train

Published 12 years ago in Weird

So you think your train or subway is often crowded? In Japan it's even worse, check out this video of a train departing during rush hour (6:30 AM).

Thumbnail of Osprey fishing

Osprey fishing

Published 8 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Platonic


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