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Thumbnail of Dog loves granny

Dog loves granny

Published 10 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Crash0

Warning: somewhat inappropriate

Thumbnail of Sony New Controller

Sony New Controller

Published 10 years ago in Technology. Submitted by wts

And here is an answer from Sony. Check also THIS

Thumbnail of Favorite Scrubs moments

Favorite Scrubs moments

Published 12 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Erik

Scrubs is really the best comedy show ever!

Thumbnail of Weird goal scoring celebration

Weird goal scoring celebration

Published 11 years ago in Sports. Submitted by Niek

That's a strange way to celebrate your first goal... :D From the football (soccer) game AFC Bournemouth vs Grimsby.

Thumbnail of The most spoiled girl in the world?

The most spoiled girl in the world?

Published 12 years ago in Weird

Seeing this makes you long for the good old days when parents disciplined their children with baseball bats ;)