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Thumbnail of Playing Popcorn on PVC Pipes

Playing Popcorn on PVC Pipes

Published 3 years ago in Inspirational. Submitted by D-Rex

When you have too much time on your hands during lock-down: French guy building a finger-hurting PVC instrument and plays a really nice cover of 'Popcorn'.

Thumbnail of Don’t forget the handbrake!

Don’t forget the handbrake!

Published 7 years ago in Accidents. Submitted by cameramaster

Hilarious video shows a man watching as his car rolls down a hill and across a field while his friends roar with laughter after the driver parked and got out, the car began rolling backwards down the hill.
The Silver Peugeot reached the bottom of the hill and disappeared into a …
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Thumbnail of Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Published 7 years ago in Other. Submitted by thundersnow

Thumbnail of MAN EBA - emergency braking system.

MAN EBA - emergency braking system.

Published 7 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by thundersnow

MAN's new generation of the EBA emergency braking system combines information from the radar sensor in the front end and from the windscreen-mounted camera. This sensor fusion allows the system to make trustworthy interpretations of situations on the road. Vehicles in front and s…
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Thumbnail of How Color Blindness Works

How Color Blindness Works

Published 6 years ago in Other. Submitted by manro

How colour blind people see and the science behind it.