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Thumbnail of Coach Dragan Stojkovic

Coach Dragan Stojkovic

Published 10 years ago in Sports. Submitted by Matthijs

Shows everybody how it's done.

Thumbnail of Bowling: spinning ball spare

Bowling: spinning ball spare

Published 11 years ago in Sports. Submitted by Niek

That's what I call a cool trick! Imagine the looks on your friends faces when you do this :D

Thumbnail of Skydiving without a parachute

Skydiving without a parachute

Published 12 years ago in Sports

Travis Pastrana lives his life on the edge. Last September, he jumped out of a plane without a parachute…
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Thumbnail of Foul - Faker

Foul - Faker

Published 10 years ago in Sports. Submitted by sync

This is what all those who fake should get :)

Thumbnail of Pool shark in diapers

Pool shark in diapers

Published 10 years ago in Sports

Meet Keith O'Dell, a 23 months old baby who plays pool on a baby table :)