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Thumbnail of Three Atheists

Three Atheists

Published 15 years ago in Parodies

Same guys who made this one.

Thumbnail of Americans are NOT stupid...

Americans are NOT stupid...

Published 16 years ago in Parodies

A (fake) report by the parody TV show CNNNN concerning the intelligence of U.S. citizens. No offense intended :)Read more…

Thumbnail of Another "Did You Know" Video

Another "Did You Know" Video

Published 14 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by LB187

"Believe this you must" - Master Yoda

Thumbnail of Arab Smooth Criminal

Arab Smooth Criminal

Published 14 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by Sluggishadj


Thumbnail of Palestinian Alarm Clock

Palestinian Alarm Clock

Published 14 years ago in Parodies

Where can I buy one :)