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Thumbnail of Hitler plays Bill Gates

Hitler plays Bill Gates

Published 12 years ago in Parodies

An extremely lame but funny parody of the movie Der Untergang.

Thumbnail of Evil Easter Bunny

Evil Easter Bunny

Published 12 years ago in Parodies

The Easter Bunny hates you...
Warning: 'violence'

Thumbnail of Pixar intro parody

Pixar intro parody

Published 11 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by Niek

Awesome parody :D

Thumbnail of Vodka in a stapler

Vodka in a stapler

Published 13 years ago in Parodies

One of the greatest inventions of this age ;)

Thumbnail of Hilarious Accents (Comedian Elon Gold)

Hilarious Accents (Comedian Elon Gold)

Published 9 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by rags94life