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Thumbnail of Catwalk girl

Catwalk girl

Published 10 years ago in Weird. Submitted by MHDj

This one is now famous for her "walk" :D

Thumbnail of Girl 'sings' in front of webcam

Girl 'sings' in front of webcam

Published 11 years ago in Weird

Hear the beautiful voice of this young women grunting in front of her webcam.

Thumbnail of Ice Fishing in Russia

Ice Fishing in Russia

Published 8 years ago in Weird. Submitted by eupatriot

A Russian fisherman pulls a huge Pike out of a small ice hole in Russia.

Thumbnail of Right Place

Right Place

Published 12 years ago in Weird

There's always a suitable job for you...

Thumbnail of Fire extinguisher + plastic bag = ???

Fire extinguisher + plastic bag = ???

Published 12 years ago in Weird

So, you got a fire extinguisher, a plastic bag and too much spare time. See the video for the result :D