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Thumbnail of Untangling the Devil's Corkscrew

Untangling the Devil's Corkscrew

Published 4 years ago in Nature. Submitted by sux2bu

In the late 1800s, paleontologists in Nebraska found huge coils of hardened sand stuck deep in the earth. Local ranchers called them Devil's Corkscrews and scientists called them Daemonelix. It was clear these corkscrews were created by some form of life, but what?

Thumbnail of Unusual fruit you never knew existed

Unusual fruit you never knew existed

Published 10 years ago in Nature

Thumbnail of Vampire moths of Russia

Vampire moths of Russia

Published 7 years ago in Nature. Submitted by sux2bu

Blood sucking moths to give you the creeps



Published 5 years ago in Nature. Submitted by thundersnow

EXTREME LIGHTNING ACTIVITY time lapse video in 4K. Clear skies surrounding the storms provided excellent viewing of embedded supercells and storm structures plus a couple red sprites near McCook Nebraska.

Thumbnail of Village flooded by lava

Village flooded by lava

Published 9 years ago in Nature. Submitted by Geekster

A lava flow that traveled 4 months reached Pahoa and flooded it. This video gives a brief history of what happened and how the authorities reacted.