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Thumbnail of Whales evolution

Whales evolution

Published 5 years ago in Science. Submitted by thundersnow

Whales are mammals whose ancestors lived on land. So how did they evolve into the sea creatures of today? Based on illustrations by Carl Buell and displayed as part of the Whales Tohor? exhibition.

Thumbnail of Base 12

Base 12

Published 11 years ago in Science

Thumbnail of Intel's music machine

Intel's music machine

Published 11 years ago in Science. Submitted by minkki

Thumbnail of Storytelling Of Science

Storytelling Of Science

Published 9 years ago in Science. Submitted by dushan

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and George ( Georgium Sidus ) :D

Thumbnail of Fire with Fire

Fire with Fire

Published 10 years ago in Science

Scientists try to cure cancer with HIV..and seem to succeed