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Thumbnail of Monkeys v Cat & Dogs

Monkeys v Cat & Dogs

Published 7 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Judge-Jake

Dexterity and tormenting at it's very best.

Thumbnail of Death Metal Puppy

Death Metal Puppy

Published 16 years ago in Animals

This crazy dog does some serious headbanging to death metal music :D

Thumbnail of Drunk Kitty

Drunk Kitty

Published 16 years ago in Animals

Sedated after a visit to the vet.

Thumbnail of Hey Alan, Alan, Alan...

Hey Alan, Alan, Alan...

Published 15 years ago in Animals

When animals starts to talk.

Thumbnail of Deer Jumps Into Lion Enclosure

Deer Jumps Into Lion Enclosure

Published 14 years ago in Animals

It probably doesn't know it has to flee from a lion :(