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Thumbnail of Chicken funeral

Chicken funeral

Published 12 years ago in Animals

A last effort to honor his fallen comrades... so sad :'(

Thumbnail of Lion kisses rescuer

Lion kisses rescuer

Published 12 years ago in Animals

This lion must be thinking that he is a cute kitten... He just wasted a tasty meal >:)

Thumbnail of Acrobatic cats

Acrobatic cats

Published 12 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Jos

*Meow!* :)

Thumbnail of Squirrel at obstacle course

Squirrel at obstacle course

Published 12 years ago in Animals

Training for the Squirrel Army? ;)

Thumbnail of Glass Blowing a Cat

Glass Blowing a Cat

Published 12 years ago in Animals

This is a man in Venice making an amazing glass masterpiece. See how he is constantly turning it around because it's so weak and bends down all the time.