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Thumbnail of Cat vs toilet paper

Cat vs toilet paper

Published 16 years ago in Animals

At last a decent cat that uses toilet paper... Or not? ;)

Thumbnail of The Mean Kitty Song

The Mean Kitty Song

Published 16 years ago in Animals

A song about Sparta the cat. More information is available at Sparta's fan page.

Thumbnail of Cat confused by scratching

Cat confused by scratching

Published 16 years ago in Animals

No animals were harmed in the production of this video :)

Thumbnail of Parrot dance

Parrot dance

Published 16 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Jos

Mr Parrot in da house... *tweet* *tweet*

Thumbnail of Cat uses MacBook

Cat uses MacBook

Published 16 years ago in Animals

This cat enjoys itself playing with a $1100 MacBook.