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Thumbnail of Darwin Evolution

Darwin Evolution

Published 14 years ago in Cartoons

South Parks explanation of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Thumbnail of Death Buy A Lemonade

Death Buy A Lemonade

Published 9 years ago in Cartoons

Thumbnail of Depressed whale

Depressed whale

Published 12 years ago in Cartoons. Submitted by wluce0

Thumbnail of Ding, fries are done

Ding, fries are done

Published 15 years ago in Cartoons

Thumbnail of Dinosaurs - the true story

Dinosaurs - the true story

Published 182 days ago in Cartoons. Submitted by D-Rex

In the world where dinosaurs have survived and have evolved even to the point of taking their first steps on the moon, a giant asteroid heads towards Earth. The JASA (Jurassic Aeronautics and Space Administration) is active to avoid disaster.