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Thumbnail of Google: don't be evil?

Google: don't be evil?

Published 12 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Niek

Meet Google. The noun that became a verb. The world's favourite search engine, and the company whose motto is "Don't be evil..."

Thumbnail of The Russian Onslaught

The Russian Onslaught

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

Stalingrad, Kursk, Rostov, Seelow heights and Berlin. The Russian War machine.

Thumbnail of Big machine

Big machine

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

awesome big movable machine bigger than liberty statue.

Thumbnail of To Catch More Predators

To Catch More Predators

Published 13 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Aliquantulus

A doctor, a teacher and a rabbi goes into the same house. Everyone is caught by the program To Catch A Predator with the Police as backup.