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Thumbnail of Will Chuck Norris blend?

Will Chuck Norris blend?

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

One of the blender experiments by Will it Blend?. This time Chuck Norris gets blended Read more…

Thumbnail of Optical illusions

Optical illusions

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

Great optical illusions, shown in the TV program Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Thumbnail of Special effects make-up

Special effects make-up

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

A demonstration of how to make a young girl look like your granny :) Episode of the show How it's made on Read more…

Thumbnail of The Internet people

The Internet people

Published 12 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Niek

An animated tribute to the 'Internet people' of the world. You should be able to recognize at least some of them :)

Thumbnail of Eskimos Attack U.S.

Eskimos Attack U.S.

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

Frustrated by global warming the Inuits of the Northwest Passage attack Southern California.