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Thumbnail of Will Chuck Norris blend?

Will Chuck Norris blend?

Published 13 years ago in Documentary

One of the blender experiments by Will it Blend?. This time Chuck Norris gets blended Read more…

Thumbnail of Fastest Man On Earth

Fastest Man On Earth

Published 5 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by dbomber69

John Paul Stapp was a surgeon and an Air Force officer. And, in 1954, he became the "fastest man on earth," when he reached a speed of 632 miles per hour while testing the effects of acceleration and deceleration on the human body.

Thumbnail of Air borne laser defense

Air borne laser defense

Published 10 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by sux2bu

Unfortunately you can't get these lasers in a regular store.

Thumbnail of Brightest flashlight in the world

Brightest flashlight in the world

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

The world's brightest flashlight produces 4100 lumens. More information here.

Thumbnail of Non-stop train

Non-stop train

Published 12 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Jos

A demonstration of a technique that allows passengers to get on and off a train, while the train continues on track at normal speed.