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0 1. 2001cobra commented 3 years ago on video Seven Million Years of Human Evolution

Sure not much can happen in just 150 years. But how about 150,000 or 1,500,00 or ten times that as you say has to happen? The reason it is a theory and will always be just a theory is because there is no physical proof any where on the planet that shows any kind of consistent fossil record of one life form changing into another as drastic as evolution says it can. Not one.
Evolutionist find a piece of a toe bone and all of a sudden "here is proof" that we came from some ape. Really, that's all you need to believe this joke?
All the changes that we see are simple changes of adaptation as needed because of external changes in climate or other factors that may make over time a certain species change color or have it's neck eventually grow longer. But those changes never make a species turn into another totally different one. That is a fact.
And the fact that life here on this planet can adapt and not just die off if the wind changes direction is all the proof that any normal human should grasp in the wisdom of a creator.
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-1 2. 2001cobra commented 3 years ago on video Seven Million Years of Human Evolution

I totally believe in science as does the Bible. The biggy here is "true science" and one that can be proved. Evolution to this very day is a theory and always will be not matter how you or others that convince yourselves that evolution is a fact. The real fact here is the more you dig the more the evidence is not there.
You may have come from some slime filled pond in some made up gooey past, but I know I didn't.
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-1 3. 2001cobra commented 3 years ago on video Seven Million Years of Human Evolution

Lol. Still such a laughable subject. When actual proof is there, which there will never be, then evolutionist might have a foot to stand on.
Again all these same old words are used such as " maybe, it could have, we think, someday, we believe, possibly, under the right conditions, etc, are still included by evolutionist in their explanations or theories and show us these cute little videos of how they believe it happened...evolution is one of the silliest jokes man has ever fallen for.
Evolutionist refuse to humble themselves and accept that there is a God who in fact "knows a we bit more about everything" but instead are spiritually dumb enough to believe in all of this evolution stuff "just happening"!!!
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+4 4. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Josh Neuman || Bails

One would think that after, oh say the 47th time of eating the road, that just maybe he's not very good at it? Holy cow where is common sense here? I guess he has no idea of how all of this is going to make his life miserable as he gets older and can't bend over to tie his own shoes because of the pain he has "All Over"?
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0 5. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#136 So why trust the bible over other written spiritual writings by some you mention here? Proof of scientific statements mentioned in the Bible maybe?
So just a couple scriptures that touch on the scientific level first. Let me ask this..... How would the writers of these scriptures have know these now known facts if it were not for God's input?

So about 3,500 years ago, the Bible said that the earth is hanging “upon nothing.” That's at Job 26:7.
Then in the eighth century B.C.E., Isaiah clearly referred to “the circle or, sphere or roundness of the earth.” that is is at Isaiah 40:22
Simple question, how did they know this? Well they didn't.
Wasn't the general belief for centuries that the earth was flat or that it was held up on the backs of animals?
Again how long did it take humans to finally understand what the bible had said all along?

Another case that shows God's wisdom that the had written down in the bible, happened about 1500 B.C.E. Part of the Mosaic Law which contained many sound laws regarding quarantining of the sick, treatment of dead bodies, and disposal of waste, etc, etc, were written by men that had no idea why these laws were told to them by God to begin with.? I'm not going to post all the verses but please take a look if you have a bible. Once you read them you will see the clear reasons why these were told and enforced by God. And the reasons of course were not known or understood by his people which of course was to protect them and keep them healthy. —Leviticus 13:1-5; Numbers 19:1-13; Deuteronomy 23:13, 14.
So could it be that the bible is from God where some of the other books mentioned probably were not?
These are just a couple simple examples of things in the Bible that show it has to be from God. I'll try to give more later but have a busy couple days on my schedule coming up with work...
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-1 6. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#122 Sorry to foil you again but I don't not believe in just anything. I don't believe in evolution, so there..Lol. But seriously I've made it a quest so to say in my life to not believe in just anything, for many reasons. But with the bible, not religion, I give my full faith in. If one really takes the time to research all they can from good and honest sources and is patient and honestly prays to God for the answers, you will eventually get the answers, the right answers. If one believes like I do that god is real, then what better source is there then what he offers to let us know? And so far he has not failed me once. Also a good piece of advice with the bible is if a scripture seems confusing or even seems to contradict others, always prove scripture with scripture. Many times an event in the bible will be covered a couple different times, by different apostles for example. They are two different people with different view points or literal views. One may see it clearly where the other not so much. So if their stories are not exactly alike, does that mean the bible is wrong on the whole event? No of course not. So one has to do the foot work, pray to God for help, have faith in God to eventually show you and I can promise, you'll get it.

And thanks y'all for the respectful comments. I feel I've slipped up a couple times and sorry for doing that. I do understand that these can raise the hair on the back of necks at times and it does it to me too. But it usually doesn't help to feed the fire once that gets going.
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-1 7. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#118 You are more then welcome to have your opinion on whatever you feel or believe in.
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-1 8. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

# 110. No I haven't disappeared, just busy. So I'll answer your comment from last thing you mentioned. The bible gives hints on who he answers:" “The LORD is near to all . . . who call on him in truth.”?—Psalm 145:18. Notice it says who call on him in "truth". Jesus who is the mediator between humans and his father also commented that "many who pray to God will never be heard because, they are not praying for the right things or worshiping him in an unacceptable ways or just living a disapproved life. It could also be because of their own beliefs or actions or, are part of some religions that he disapproves of.

"You gotta have faith" "Nobody knows God's plan" "He moves in mysterious ways"

The bible is very clear on his pans for the heavens earth. Most will never see that in the bible because of the scripture I posted about God not letting them see those answers in the Bible.

On your faith comment, yes it is a necessary thing for sure to have. If God knows you lack in faith and of him, again he lets you see very littel if at all. But if ones does have this faith, then much will be opened up to him from God.

And God does have a very clear and loving plan for all humans that love him and want to learn. No mysteries there at all.

Finally how do you know if god is answering prayers or not? Perhaps for all that died today, perhaps many thousands of others didn't because of their prayers to god.
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0 9. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#107 I can pretty much guess what you'll say. But let me say this. This is by no means the only time I would say that prayers have been answered not only for myself or by friends or family.
So in your case you don't believe in god, right? So you have no concept as to what it would really feel like in your heart and mind to have a relationship with him. Thus you would not know the feelings both in your heart or mind to know with no explanation needed, that he indeed listened to you and answered you.
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+2 10. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#91. Sorry for being absent but been a crazy day at work. Plus we just moved here a few weeks ago and we finally got some extra money so going shopping tonight for a "couch". I say "ouch" as it will kill my back. lol
Anyway I have to keep it short, but here goes. When my son was born my wife who had been healthy thru the whole term, finally went into labor but had been feeling sick for the two days prior. As they were prepping her in the birthing room, she turned seriously worse. They did a blood test and found out her liver was failing. No idea at that time why but only had suggestions. They said that they were afraid she would not survive the birth and to call everyone I needed to call to get then there quick. They even called the head doctor of the labor/birth department. Needless to say the prayers were going out like crazy including myself of course. The doctors finally came in with an acute fatty liver result that can be fatal or have lasting effects. It totally can take away your blood clotting ability.
Well a very long story short withing 30 minutes after my son was born she had opened her eyes and was speaking and within 12 hours all her vitals were normal. A few of the doctors admitted they were in shock but ecstatic of course of her recovery and with having the acute fatty liver hit her so hard and so fast that they all had accepted she would die while giving birth.

So I have no doubt that all our prayers were heard....
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-1 11. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#89 Yes I have many times. That's what prayer is for. No your not going to hear a voice talking back to you. And to begin with you may not get an answer or the answer you were hoping for. But the key is what you are asking for if that's the subject of your prayer. But yes sometimes your prayers are answered very clearly.
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-1 12. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#85 Lol. Still striking out buddy. I don't believe in the rapture. The word is not in the bible.

#82 Yes I do agree that the universe that God created is no doubt much much older then a few thousand years old. I believe I answered that previously. The bible answers that one of God's days is vastly different then ours, and that the word "day" in the bible can mean a variety of different time periods. One could say that humans full existence on the earth was "mans day". But that does not pin it down to a specific year or decade or century does it? No.
It would seem that many take a statement in the bible only at face value without searching and simply asking God for a deeper understanding. As I mentioned to one of the other posters here is that one has to be honestly searching and show humility to God when searching. If one does not have this quality then chances are God will not let them see and comprehend what the bible is really saying on many subjects.
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-1 13. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#85 Lol. Still striking out buddy. I don't believe in the rapture. The word is not in the bible.
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-1 14. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#73 The more you talk the less it shows you know nothing of the bible and it's wisdom and power. Want to know why? Here ya go......

Matthew 11:25
At that time Jesus said in response: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children.

It's because of your lack of respect, rejection, and a simple unwillingness to learn anything that he has just shut you down in understanding anything in the bible. Wow, such a dangerous spot to be in considering what the bible says will be your eventual outcome with life. Not my words, his.
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-1 15. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

Well y'all it's a little boring here now. Thanks for the time spent discussing evolution. Lots said but absolutely nothing new from the "theory" department.
Maybe the next videos about evolution shown here will be as cool as these were with all those cool make believe animals. Great imaginations for sure.....
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-1 16. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

Hummm, where did my post go? Wow I think I updated my last comment within the one before instead of starting a new one. Oh well, live and learn.
Now for #71. No the Bible writings were not from man but was authored by God. Man only pinned what God's spirit told them to write. But I'm sure you probably have little knowledge or understanding of that?
But if you agree on old historical writings as a whole not being trustworthy, then I hope you don't read anything past say, 1900 or so?
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-1 17. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#68. Your a master at twisting what people say here or there is a serious misunderstanding issue it seems you have. Where did I say that those civilizations had no gods that they worshiped? No where........... Again what I did say is most if not all of those civilizations "scoffed at God and the people that worshiped him".................................... Geeeez dude!!!!
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-3 18. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#59 Well these modern scholars probably don't believe much in the bible to begin with no doubt, so nothing new there huh? If you choose not to believe so be it.
But one truth I know like with the Egyptians, the Babylonians and most other high and mighty societies that scoffed at God and his people, you know just like here, of that time and probably very true today is that when your country just got it's butt kicked by another army, especially if they were smaller, weaker and one that on paper should not have had a chance against them, they all tend to not mention that in their historical writings. You know it makes them look really bad......
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-4 19. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#58. No need to question it? Really? I question everything. Don't think you know me because so far you owning a fat "0" on your comments on what you think I believe.
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-3 20. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#58 . No one. The bible answers that question. "Moses said in prayer to God: “You have always been, and you will always be.” (Psalm 90:2, The Holy Bible, New Century Version)
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-3 21. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#56 Lol. it seems the shoe fits much better for all the evolutionist here because no one, not one can prove it by the fossil record or really not on any level. Perhaps if you all would get over trying to make this so hard and use some common sense and look at the facts, not theoretical mumbo jumbo you would actually see that evolution is a joke. You believe in life starting all strictly by coincidence in some mud puddle that lightning struck and then poof, all of us evolved from that absolutely impossible situation. And this happened by accident you say? If it could have really happened that way in this mud puddle which would be a one in a gazillionbillionquaddrillion chance, ( never ) then why with all your massive brain power and knowledge beyond any mortal mans ability to do , can't prove it` `
Even some of the leading people in your field say there is no proof when asked to prove it by real evidence. Plus as intelligent as most of you proclaim to the world that you are and are so proficient in looking down your noses at common folk who use their brains in rejecting this silly
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-2 22. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#54 You have every right to have some of those views. The bible and in fact God has been so misrepresented and blamed on much of what you describe here. I can understand how these views come to be. If I were looking for a church to go to to learn about God, the vast majority I would never step a foot into, ever. Look at the Catholic religion and all they've been guilty of even to this very minute all the child abuse they are guilty of. And yet even up to today they are getting away with it and so many still follow that abhorrent religion. Also over the centuries all that have been killed or burned to death for simply refusing to get involved or speaking their minds against the Catholic church.
But simply put this is not God's fault and those who have brought his name into such shame and disgust that many like yourself feel justified in their hatred. So why does he not step in and stop it? He will......

One comment I want to make about a comment the gentleman made that I've heard many times, about his example of how these whales or lizards and how they are all connected by certain traits they might all share like similar bones which he thinks makes the case for evolution.
God made the earth for humans and all the animal life that lives here. The planet has gravity, all types of terrain, etc. So for land animals most all have legs and feet. In order for most of all the land animals including humans we need legs and feet to move. If our planet was all water, no legs and feet needed. Right? So the designer of all life would create us pretty much the same, broadly speaking. So just because a handful of similar animals alive today or found as fossils have similar bone structures does not mean they evolved from one another in trying to prove evolution. It simply proves that God created many animals with some of the same basic structures because we all live on a planet with gravity, all kinds of terrain, etc.
If an architect built many buildings or homes in a ruff mountainous terrain but still built them all with different looks, all his basic framing and support structures would no doubt be very much alike. Anyone looking at all his homes he built would be able to see many all have basic designs and would conclude that it was done by the same architect.
So just because a human and an ape have some shared designs does not prove evolution. If proves there is a very intelligent being designed them to live on this planet.
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-4 23. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

Well thanks for the discussions. I appreciate the time taken to discuss this with me. But I'm always open to the offer to simply on the simplest level to show with the fossil record that evolution is real. The only reason no one has done this all the years I've been asking this is that it just can't be done. One would think with all the billions of times this long process that evolving from one look to another would be so easy to find, yes billions of times this would have to have happened. But yet, no one has found this. Oh well. c y'all later!
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-3 24. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

David Kitts, who studied under George Gaylord Simpson, summed up the fossil argument:

“Few paleontologists have, I think, ever supposed that fossils, by themselves, provide grounds for the conclusion that evolution has occurred. The fossil record doesn’t even provide any evidence in support of Darwinian theory except in the weak sense that the fossil record is compatible with it, just as it is compatible with other evolutionary theories, and revolutionary theories, and special creationist theories, and even ahistorical theories.”[3]

This article can be concluded with this very fitting statement:

“No real evolutionist, whether gradualistic or punctuationist, uses the fossil record as evidence in favor of the theory of evolution over special creation.”[4]

Just a little comment or two. Anyone who is honest on this subject should come to this same conclusion.
Sop I ask why doesn't the fossil record support evolution?
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-3 25. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#37. Thanks for your input. I've been on a few forums before and very well know the responses to expect when one explains their belief in the bible and knowing most here don't. It's not a surprise at all. Ones belief in life can rise so easily when being defended. And I should have responded differently with the very fist post I made calling that video silly. It's easy to forget that others have the same passion for their beliefs as I do for mine.
I know my questions may sound simple but sometimes they work the best to hopefully get an answer from the forum.
For example especially where I live, in Central Texas, it is pretty easy to go out and find fossils or impressions of fossils. I've had many. Sorry I don't remember the details as to what time period they were basically from, but there are millions of them here usually around the lakes and rivers here.
So the reason for the simple questions are this. Every fossil I've seen here and in the museum is always a completely formed and functioning animal.
Not one is in some state of transforming into another species for what ever reason. No land animal seemingly heading back to life in the lake. Or no bird that has both wings and scales. Or no monkey like creatures that are practicing on standing up straight.
I could go on and on but I've never seen any fossil like that that would even suggest that you've caught them in some kind of change period or time.
So I could go out physically and spend about 30 minutes and dig up a good hand full of these impressions and show anyone here what they look like. For your info here there are millions of them all over.
So getting to the point if one of you asked me to see one of those impressions, I could show you thousands. But when I ask for one, just one simple skeleton or impressions or whatever, it NEVER appears and is show.
Instead I usually get attacked.....
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-1 26. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#31 Wow, how conducive for any kind of conversation. Is this the best level of maturity that you can show to represent the evolutionist crowd? Not impressive.

To clear up a couple misunderstandings to all you kind folks, I'm 62, not 50 or 17. And I have two very mature and wise children that are doing just fine. And I have access to and read probably as much as anyone here. So just maybe as the Commentator has done is show a little more civility because so far I'm not impressed at all. Does having possibly a higher education as I'm sure some here have take away decency in communication with others? Is that being a teacher if you indeed think you know something I don't? Doesn't sound like it. Hiding behind a key board is no excuse my friends for being rude!!!!

My comment of the days of creation the bible speaks of that keeps being mentioned here. Yes the 6 days that evolutionist scoff at. If one does believe in God and has good biblical knowledge and has gained as much of it as possible and deeply admires his creations and it's deep wonders and understands how much we don't know, then if God wanted to create the universe, he could do it in a second if that was his timetable of how he can create. With man it can take years to create or make something like a sky scraper. But in the grand scheme of mans years of say a hundred years, it was a short time. It's all relative.
No where in the bible does the bible say that one of those creative days was a real 24 hour period that we live by. Nor does it say it was a hundred years or a million. The point is it was of God's days that Moses wrote down in Genesis. Again it never said a real 24 hour day.
The bible uses the word "day" to cover a literal 24 hr day, a time period as in "the day of our forefathers" "in my day" etc, etc.
So the Bible describes six “days” of creation. The Bible uses the word “day” to refer to various lengths of time, for example, it calls the entire period of creation “the day that God made earth and heaven.” Evidently, these “days” of creation lasted many thousands of years.—Psalm 90:4, "For a thousand years are in your eyes just as yesterday when it is past, Just as a watch during the night."
But even if it took hundreds of thousands of years to us which it probably took much longer, it was still done in God's time frame and the bible says it was in days, to him, not us.

If ones here do not want me to post when I've taken the time to do this, let me know and if not, I'll leave. Thanks....
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-1 27. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#22 Answer the questions...... If you can't be honest and simply say you can't. I just think you like to sound all smart and stuff. Lol.
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-2 28. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

#11 Is it not possible for you to not twist the simple question I asked or just clearly divert? Are you not able to give a respectful answer, seeing that this evolution is your specialty or is it because there is no proof that you can produce? You do know that just saying something existed isn't much proof, right?
If this animal actually existed then prove it?

Another simple question is in this guys pictorial of these changes that supposedly was made by the nostrils moving up it's skull to the top of it's head is impossible in reality. First it would take thousands of years and there are many locations on this journey up the skull that it would not work. It would simple drown. The same issues would be in the changing of legs to flippers. It would never survive with half feet, half flipper. Talking about being handicapped!!!!
And why would a land animal that in your thoughts changed first from a fish to a land animal then back to a fish? Even if that were possible because of it's food source changing or whatever had changed, that would no doubt happen in a relatively short time in years. But yet all evolutionist say it would take thousands of years if not millions for an animal to change from a completely formed land animal to a fish. Really? Again show the "proof" not someones imagined sketches....
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-4 29. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Show me the intermediate fossils

Hummm? Looks interesting but it actually proves nothing,
So where is the fossil of the doglike animal at the bottom of his chart? He said there (must have been one) like the picture shows. In fact the whole theory he is proposing starts with that creature. So it would seem to be a very important thing to see and know it really existed.
So where is the first fossils of this little guy? He says it must have been so?????
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0 30. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

#58 I'm not trying to WIN anything. Is this a contest? Anyway true you don't need that or the belief in evolution to be happy. Don't think I said that. But speaking from this side of the fence as apposed to being on the other side, you know the evolution non god side, I think me believing in a God and praying to him daily and from time to time asking him for personal help and sometimes I actually get it without a doubt, it's just sad to me that so many reject him on all levels and never get to have that relationship that really truly fills an empty void in a spiritual sense that evolutionist don't experience.
But what's worse is when evolutionist condemn ones who believe in a God and love him and praise him for his love and care. Plus the biggy is he promises in the bible that someday soon all the wickedness will be gone and all of our sicknesses will be gone. I know you are probably scoffing at this very second. But time will tell huh on if he and his words are real. He also says he will do away with all who refuse to believe in him and acknowledges his God ship.
No sinful human or government will ever come close to fixing the earth that God has promised to fix for those who love him. So sorry you and others here can't understand this.

And yes God has created every thing in the universe. The bible does not say that there is or isn't life on other planets. And God does not get exhausted.

So hope this all this gives you another good laugh.... How sad dude!!!
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0 31. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

Sorry I didn't know you were asking me. I basically see no problem with that because every child should have parents or a stand in person in that place but I would hope from my perspective that the teachings in the bible were available to any children no matter what their parents practice or believe in themselves. If a parent does not believe in the bible that is their business, but I would hope that they would expose the child to it ( on an unbiased level ) so as they age the child could eventually make their own choices on what the bible offers.
But I would probably guess that it may not happen......
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0 32. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

#56. We both know that no matter what I'd say or show you it would be useless. Either one is aware of their spirituality or their not. Either one has a relationship with God or they don't.
I's just a sad thing to know that many humans don't, as it adds such depth and meaning and purpose to their life's. When one does have a relationship with God and open themselves up to learn from him, then one can begin to see the wisdom and perfection in all he's created.
But it's imperfect man and their really bad actions and decisions that are influenced by Satan that has made so much about God seem either bad or that he's not real.
But the proof you ask for is from the insects at your feet to all the universe that is out there. Every spec of it he created.
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-2 33. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

#54. Oh, OK. Didn't know you were the owner of this site or thread. So is this your way of saying you won? Really? Well not on the slightest spec of dust in the universe. Oh wait!!!! You say all things evolved from some spec of dust and muck and that something finally wiggled out and finally became you? Lol. Lol. Lol.
Take care but do be aware. You will meet your maker someday. He'll set you straight. :(|)
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-2 34. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

“Because, knowing God, they did not glorify Him as God, neither were thankful. But they became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed animals, and creeping things” (Romans 1:21-23 MKJV).
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-2 35. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

#45. Against science? I think not. I love science. But I love true science. Yes there are some things in our universe we don't have the answers too. There is no way as humans we will ever know it all. But sometimes when we don't know, that's where just plain old common sense comes into play. When the proof is just not there and with open eyes we see nothing that connects the dots, such as with evolution one has to use common sense first of all, and then just maybe give credit to all that we see with the complexities involved that we will never understand and give God his due respect and admiration for the beauty of all he's created and to this very second gives life to all of us.
Unless of course if one refuses to accept that God is real. Then one would never find the answers in their search of life's questions and that's when one finds themselves falling into this evolution theory as an answer which it is not and never will be. If it were true it would be easy to prove millions of times over in the fossil record...
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-1 36. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

#40 Read this quote a little closer................

"Once a planet like our Earth—not too hot and not too cold, not too dry and not too wet—has formed, what chemistry must develop to yield the building blocks of life? In the 1950s the iconic Miller-Urey experiment, which zapped a mixture of water and simple chemicals with electric pulses (to simulate the impact of lightning), demonstrated that amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are easy to make. Other molecules of life turned out to be harder to synthesize, however, and it is now apparent that we need to completely (((((((( reimagine ))))))))) the path from chemistry to life.

The central reason hinges on the versatility of RNA, a very long molecule that plays a multitude of essential roles in all existing forms of life. RNA can not only act like an enzyme, it can also store and transmit information. Remarkably, all the protein in all organisms is made by the catalytic activity of the RNA component of the ribosome, the cellular machine that reads genetic information and makes protein molecules.

This observation (((((( suggests))))))) that RNA dominated an early stage in the evolution of life.

Today the question of how chemistry on the infant Earth gave rise to RNA and to RNA-based cells (((((( is the central question))))))) of origin-of-life research.

Some scientists ((((((( think ))))))) that life originally used simpler molecules and only later evolved RNA.

Other researchers, however, are tackling the origin of RNA head-on, and exciting (((((((( new ideas )))))))) are revolutionizing this once quiet backwater of chemical research. Favored geochemical (((((((( scenarios)))))))) involve volcanic regions or impact craters, with complex organic chemistry, multiple sources of energy, and dynamic light-dark, hot-cold and wet-dry cycles. Strikingly, many of the chemical intermediates on the way to RNA crystallize out of reaction mixtures, self-purifying and potentially accumulating on the early Earth as organic minerals—reservoirs of material waiting to come to life when conditions change.

(((((((( Assuming )))))))) that key problem is solved, (((((((( we will still need to understand how )))))))) RNA was replicated within the first primitive cells. Researchers are just beginning to identify the sources of chemical energy that could enable the RNA to copy itself, but much remains to be done. If these hurdles can also be overcome, (((((((( we may be able )))))))) to build replicating, evolving RNA-based cells in the laboratory—recapitulating a (((((((( possible ))))))) route to the origin of life.

What next? Chemists are already ((((((( asking ))))))) whether our kind of life can be generated only through a single plausible pathway (((((( or whether multiple routes might lead )))))))) from simple chemistry to RNA-based life and on to modern biology. ((((((( Others are exploring ))))))) variations on the chemistry of life, ((((((( seeking clues as to the possible diversity of life )))))) “out there” in the universe. ((((((( If all goes well )))))), we will ((((((( eventually )))))) learn how robust the transition from chemistry to biology is and therefore whether the universe is full of life-forms or—but for us—sterile.

So.... do you see the admitted pattern here? My favorite is the first, " reimagine". Lol. this is classic. He's even admitting that all that they thought was based on this: "how, maybe, could have, assumed, etc, etc, before, was being "imagined" and now they have to "re imagine" how it all happened. I thought all you guys say evolution was real???????? Oh my! Find facts my friend and we will talk then.
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-2 37. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

It would seem that evolution is a religion after all? Well not really, considering all the godless ones in the past couple of hundred years who finally found something to believe in instead of the bible. It's actually for ones who are too proud, too stubborn, too defiant, not humble enough to admit that they owe their very existence to a God on any level and to not have to answer to a God with crimes they commit against humanity.
And certainly not willing to get to know him on a personal level and to be willing to filter out all the false religious teachings that make him into some cruel spiritual being that he is not.
But Gods comment on human wisdom says this: "that mans wisdom is foolishness to him. And that earthling man who says there is no god is foolish and stupid." God ask this: " Where were you when he founded the heavens and laid the cornerstones of the earth?"
Who here on this forum with your man made philosophies and tiny little books of human wisdom was there? Anyone????
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-3 38. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

To number #33. It would seem that you would be taking this opportunity to do the research in trying to find the simple proof that should be out there somewhere on this planet that proves that the fossil record does in fact support this theory you so much defend. But instead you seem to get some satisfaction in attacking God and his son. I don't get that but I see diverting from the subject is still a popular response from evolutionist .
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-3 39. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

Again over 50 years waiting on some simple proof that evolution actually happened and is still happening today........ You can throw all the writings, all the experiments, all the dreams, ideas or all that you can dream up. Where is the proof?
I'll be coming back from time to time just in case someone actually takes the time and thinks they have proof and shows it.
It's kinda like someone has a pile of lumber and their telling you that it will someday become a house. So check back later and I'll prove it has indeed become a house. But I do and it's still just a pile of lumber. Why didn't it become a house? Oh yeah, it takes someone to build it. See it's really that simple. Show me how evolution works in the real world of proof, not theory.
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-3 40. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

I do not believe the world is 6000 years old so you are wrong on what you think I believe.
Getting back and staying on the subject now.
If given the chance which has already happened here, most evolutionist believe that evolution is a fact. But most will not admit that yes there are serious gaps. Again with all the time in the world available to have at least "one" simple example in the fossil record showing all the connective bones or impressions or whatever it would take to absolutely prove that fossil A has finally been proved by evolution to connect it to fossil Z can finally be shown to all doubters. Where is it?
It would seem before one claims this theory to be fact, which you all do and condemn all who say no to it, you should find the proof needed to not seem so foolish. One who finds themselves in this situation should learn the true differences between evolution and adaptation.
For example there are many different looking foxes on the planet. Fact. Many have adapted to their environment. Fact. But they are all still foxes. Fact.
They are not and will not ever turn into another species and the fossil record absolutely proves that. If their food source slowly disappears even over centuries, they either adapt within their physical limits or they die. If there is a constant food source up in the tree tops they can't evolve wings to access that food source. Even if they could do this it would take unknown thousands of years to finally have working wings. Do you not see the foolishness of thinking evolution would be the answer?

Tell me how eyes would have evolved from a blind creature? Just a simple answer will be fine.
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-4 41. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

JJ, I haven't slithered off to anywhere. Just very limited time to post. It seems that as usual most who defend evolution seem to take liberties in throwing insults and wanting to express their superiority in brain power. Why is that? I don't believe I've insulted anyone here so why the personal attacks? I've asked for proof and still I see nothing offered. Par for the course as usual....
So for the awful lot of work that you say has been done, then it would seem it should be easy by now to prove by nothing more then by the fossil record. Even with just 1 animal that you say evolved over eons of time. You know by starting out with the way it originally appeared to what it is now today. But then with all the life that has lived on earth, by the millions, there should be millions of those links of fossils showing the step by step progression of their evolutionary steps. Right? Right. So where are they? Just one, at least just one should be out there somewhere wouldn't you think? If you know of at least one life form connecting all their progressive changes, lets see it.
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-5 42. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

I'm very open minded to science which is a subject I love and respect. But only true science. I've been trying for over 50 years to get just one, not ten, not 100 so called evolutionist to simply lay out on a table the proof of evolution. Show me step by step how animal "A" turned into animal "B" by the fossil record, not some carton like shown here in this mans idea of "how it could have happened".
Again in every single carton, article, discourse or in whatever way it is presented the same words appear every time: "We think, we suppose, we assume, could be, could have, maybe, etc, etc are always there. That is not proof.............................
If this ((((proof)))) truly exist, please share it.
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-6 43. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

The point your missing with your example of dogs is this: "They are still dogs". You've evolved nothing new. Yes man can breed a species such as a dog to perform a needed task, but "it's still a dog". Not a new species. Now take a dog and a cat and first try to breed them into some animal that you think would be an improvement you might be looking for with a dog, such as making it more adept to climb trees to improve it's hunting or tracking abilities. Go ahead and try. Will you succeed? Of course not. If you can't do it with all your knowledge then how could it just happen with no explanation or "PROOF" when your out digging?
And yes don't waist your time with a "fundie". The reason you won't is you can't prove even the simplest of what you say evolution is, which you say is fact. In reality you nor any evolutionist has ever come up with any proof. All we ever get are insults that we don't or can't understand. Well yes we don't because there is no truths or proof at all with this "theory".
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-9 44. 2001cobra commented 4 years ago on video Whales evolution

About the stupidest thing I've seen in a while. But then that is all evolution is which is a bunch of stupid what ifs, could be, maybe, we think, possibly, we assume it happened this way, and with absolutely no proof kinda thingy.